CSG Forte Ranks 1st in Payment Gateway Performance for H1 2021

At CSG Forte, we continuously strive to improve the ways we make payments smarter, faster and scalable. One area of focus is our payments gateway. Over the past year, we’ve looked at several ways to make our platform, which is fueled by modern APIs and RESTful architecture, perform even better.


CSG Forte Ranks First out of 22 Gateways

A recent Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) Real Transaction Metrics report by The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a recognized leader in payments analytics and consulting, ranked CSG Forte first out of 22 gateways for overall payment gateway performance from January through June 2021.

Out of over 20 payment gateways evaluated, the average gateway scored 80.18 on the GEM Index, an overall scorecard for gateway metrics based on five key areas. CSG Forte received a 95.5 overall score, placing first in a competitive field. CSG Forte also tied for first in gateway availability, gateway minute outage and gateway uptime.

GEM is the only platform on the market that measures performance from a merchant, developer and gateway perspective.  To measure the robustness of a platform, TSG monitors how gateways perform through pings and real transactions from over 20 global locations. This information can be used to increase bandwidth, mitigate platform performance issues and shift data locations.

TSG uses several measures and benchmarks for their report, including gateway minute outages, gateway availability, transaction average response time and gateway uptime. To calculate the GEM Index, they assign a value to each benchmark. For example, the best possible score for gateway minute outage is 15 but 30 for transaction average response time.

A payments platform needs to be intuitive to use, secure and fast. At the heart of every robust platform is a high-performing payments gateway. CSG Forte will continue to make it easier to accept and process payments for merchants, governments and enterprises.