Payment Validation

Process ACH payments with confidence. From any source, on any device.

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Process ACH Payments with Confidence


Why do I need to verify my payments? 

Pervasive online fraud, manual errors and insufficient funds can slow your business. With the Forte Verify Program, you can reduce manual errors at the point of capture and reduce bad checks prior to processing.


Two robust options to suit your needs

We offer two options, Validate and Validate+, to meet your processing and reporting needs. Both solutions utilize an internal ACH database featuring millions of records to ensure incoming payments are in good standing.


  • Immediate, actionable responses on every transaction
  • Real-time reporting for Transaction Routing Numbers and invalid checksums
  • Comprehensive routing and bank account (DDA) validation across multiple data sources
  • Daily data source updates


Includes all features available with Forte Validate, plus:

  • Provides decision code on all transactions
  • Accesses additional financial and retail databases

Choose from two robust options to meet your business needs

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