Give Customers the Power of Choice with Multichannel Payment Processing

Multichannel payment options give customers the power to pay when and how they want on their channel of choice. Encourage on-time payments and improve the customer experience with multichannel payment processing.

Experience the Benefits of Multichannel Payment Processing

Personalize and modernize payment acceptance

Enable customers to choose their preferred payment channel and seamlessly switch channels throughout the payment experience to best suit their needs. Offering multiple payment channels also creates processing convenience and reduces friction in the payment process.

Reduce late payments

One study found that young adults are more likely to prioritize paying bills that are easy to pay before tackling (or ignoring) bills that are inconvenient.[i] Reduce late payments by making invoices easy and convenient to pay. 

Payment reminders that work

Sending payment reminders on customers’ preferred channels increases the likelihood the reminders won’t be missed and will encourage on-time payment.

Payment security on any channel

Whether it’s via SMS text or through a call center agent, CSG Forte’s payments platform offers secure payment processing through a variety of channels, offering customers a personalized and secure experience.

A Payment Channel for Everyone

SMS (Text) Message

Many customers prefer to communicate by text message. By leveraging SMS messaging for payments, businesses can send payment reminders, confirmations and conduct payments by interactive text messaging. When using Text to Pay with CSG Forte Engage, customers also have the option to click a link within a SMS message that directs them to a personalized online invoice for payment.

Contact Center

Some customers simply prefer to pay over the phone or speak with a contact center agent about their bill. Make it easy for contact center agents to securely take payments over the phone with CSG Forte Engage. With CSG Forte Engage’s Live Agent Assist solution, you can reduce payment call length an average of 3 minutes per call and improve PCI compliance.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR payment systems use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to guide customers through the payment process over the phone. IVR payments are easy for customers to make 24/7, without an internet connection and are less expensive than live payment processing through a contact center agent. Additionally, IVR payment systems reduce payment-related calls into the call center.

QR Codes

Enable customers to pay with an interactive QR code that is printed on paper statements or scanned off a digital device. QR codes can be easily generated by field-based employees who may need to quickly create an invoice for payment on-site. 


Email is a convenient method for businesses to send invoices, payment notifications and confirmations. Your business can encourage on-time payments with email notifications and streamline collections processes by informing customers of outstanding invoices or failed payment attempts.

In Person

Consumers want to pay quickly, securely and through their method of choice whether in person or online. By focusing on what customers want, such as making on-the-go payments easy with NFC-enhanced technology, you can expand your market presence and capitalize on every potential sale.

CSG Forte Account Updater

If your business is experiencing failed payments due to outdated account information, CSG Forte Account Updater can be of benefit to automatically update stored cards to the newest account information without the customer having to take any action.

Are you ready to offer your customers the payment experience they expect on their channel of choice?