Cloud-Based Payments Platform

Manage all your payments in one place with our cloud-based platform, Dex.

Get control of your payment data

Payment operations are often more complex than they need to be, with multiple platforms and logins to juggle. Simplify your payment operations and harness customer insights with CSG Forte’s Dex. Our cloud-based, unified platform helps you increase operational efficiency and streamline payments management, including transaction monitoring, dispute management, reporting and analytics and more.

Simplifying payments

The time spent logging in and out of payment platforms is time you could be spending on your business. With CSG Forte, all of your payment operations are managed and monitored in one location, saving you time (and money). Integrate Dex’s functionality with your in-house processes or platforms through APIs.

Everything you need in one place

Manage the entire transaction lifecycle from Dex. With complete access to payment operations, quickly address customer needs, grant refunds, cancel charges, change payment methods and more. ‍

Reliable reporting

Gain visibility into all of your transactions – our reporting dashboards give you real-time insight into sales performance, including transaction breakdowns and payment methods. Choose from generalized data or drill down to individual transactions. Real-time data can help identify industry trends and changes in customer behavior, helping guide your business with data-driven insights.

Improve operations

Work more efficiently than ever. Roles-based authentication lets you manage employee access, shoring up your security and controlling your risk threshold. Our automated dispute management tools and funding grids save time by reducing the burden of manual accounting and reconciliations.

See Dex in Action

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