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Government Payment Solutions

Government organizations face a wide range of payments from constituents, donors and beyond. Payment processing for government needs to simplify the complexities of managing multiple payments while making payment methods secure and accessible.

At CSG Forte, our payment processing solution helps to modernize your business and reduce administrative strain. Explore the full potential of our payments platform and how it supports your government organization.

Payment Processing Built for Multiple Government Organizations

At CSG Forte, we understand the challenges that government organizations face when managing payments. With our payments platform, we empower your organization to manage payments with confidence and ease, regardless of your organization’s size. CSG Forte offers payment solutions that support a range of government organizations.


Make utility payments, like water, sewage and trash, easier for the residents in your municipality. With government payment solutions from CSG Forte, residents no longer need to send checks or cash to the municipal building every month, and you can receive payments on time.

State Governments

Maximize revenue by automating the payment process and streamlining administrative procedures. With modern payment processing, you can consolidate payments across systems in your organization and spend more time engaging with constituents.

Federal Agencies

Strengthen accounting practices with a user-friendly payment solution that simplifies donor payments, grant money and more. Increase profitability and achieve more on a national scale.

Give Constituents the Freedom to Pay How They Want

With our suite of payment solutions and extensive government experience, we enable your agency to modernize payments operations and meet your constituents’ needs. We work with thousands of government agencies across the United States as their strategic payments partner. Our platform is Level 1 PCI-compliant, with tokenization, contactless and Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) services to keep sensitive card data safe.

Constituents and taxpayers no longer want to make payments with traditional cash or paper checks. With CSG Forte, accept digital and contactless payments through the latest technology, including:

  • ACH
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Digital wallet

Secure Government Payment Solutions

Government organizations handle high volumes of sensitive information when managing payments. Given the sensitivity of this information, it’s essential to keep it secure. Using secure payment processing is also key for keeping your organization compliant with various standards.

PCI Compliant

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance involves various processes for protecting cardholder data. While you can complete PCI compliance assessments independently or through third parties, CSG Forte offers a PCI compliance program that you can add to your monthly platform subscription.

We’ve partnered with a primary and secondary vendor that offers user-friendly and low-cost tools for validating compliance. This added layer of support allows your government organization to streamline the compliance process and confirm the protection of constituents’ data.

PCI Validated Encryption

Our payments platform has integrated data encryption that’s compliant with PCI standards. This encryption process disguises card data during transmission to make it appear valueless if intercepted.

With encryption, you can streamline the PCI compliance validation process even further, and you can assure constituents that their data is safe during electronic payments.


Tokenization is another way we keep sensitive data safe. Replace ACH, card and other sensitive data with a randomly generated token that carries no intrinsic value. This process reduces the risks of intercepted transfers, just like encryption.

Choose CSG Forte

With the help of our flexible and secure payment solutions, government organizations can effectively manage revenue, increase profitability and connect with constituents. Our solution also provides the security needed to protect cardholder data that keeps constituents safe and organizations compliant.

Increase transparency in transactions, manage disputes more effectively and maintain organized reporting practices. See the difference CSG Forte can make for your government organization—get started with us today or reach out to our team to learn more.

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CSG Forte’s seamless payment integrations help leading organizations streamline payment management capabilities and increase revenue.





We have had a great experience with Forte since day 1. The fees for the tax payer are less than the previous company we used. The daily reports give so much information and I am able to pull all information up from each transaction if need be.

—Danielle C. | Chief Deputy Treasurer

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