CSG Forte Earns TSG’s 2022 Best Performing Payments Gateway Award

Performance benchmarking is vital for payment processing, as it allows payment gateways to pinpoint issues and make adjustments to provide a seamless experience to merchants and consumers alike. That is a key reason why The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a leading payment analytics and consulting firm, created the Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform. GEM tracks two-thirds of all payment gateway volume in the U.S., and serves as a benchmark for merchant, developer and gateway performance. These aspects are critical for leading gateways use data and make tangible improvements.


TSG Names CSG Forte as the Best Performing Gateway

Using transaction metrics from 2021, TSG named CSG Forte as the Best Performing Gateway, with a total score surpassing the average by more than 12 points on the GEM Index when ranked against more than 20 gateway providers. The GEM Index is an overall scorecard for gateway metrics based on five key areas: gateway minute outage, gateway availability, transaction speed, transaction success rate and authorization rate.

Supporting this ongoing placement as Best Performing Gateway, CSG Forte received first place rankings in two other categories as well, specifically Gateway Minute Outage – North America, and Gateway Minute Outage – Global. In this category, CSG Forte had the lowest overall number of outages, a testament to our reliability and consistent delivery of our payments gateway.

This isn’t the first time we have received recognition in TSG’s GEM reports. In fact, we had strong performance in 2021 and even held the highest score in TSG’s 2021 semi-annual report. Our continued focus and dedication allowed us to deliver extraordinary experiences for our customers and in 2022 be recognized by TSG as a leader in this competitive market.

How does TSG measure these categories? Their unique approach is to monitor how gateways perform through pings and real transactions from more than 20 global locations. As a vendor, the information this report provides is invaluable, as it reveals in near real-time areas that we can improve.

We know that performance of our payment platform is more than just a ranking in a report. Here at CSG Forte, we continually invest in the quality of our payments offering including our industry leading payments gateway. Understanding these performance metrics allows us to enhance our platform, and continually improve our modern APIs and RESTful architecture. This investment in continual improvement has presented us with consistent recognition as a leading payments gateway provider.

How can you know which payments platform is right for your business? You need a solution that is intuitive to use, secure, and lightning fast. Click here to learn about how CSG Forte is committed to delivering a robust platform including our best-in-class payments gateway.