Revenue Optimization

Get the greatest ROI from your payments platform investment with add-on solutions for account management, check verification and more.

Put your payments to work

The payments processing side of a business is often viewed as an operational expense—but that doesn’t need to be the case. With CSG Forte, you can turn what was once a cost center into a revenue generator. Boost your bottom line and improve the customer experience with our revenue optimization solutions.

Save through ACH optimization

Accepting ACH payments comes with the risk of facing insufficient funds in a customer’s bank account, which could lead to fees, a cash flow bottleneck, and a poor customer experience. CSG Forte Verify reduces risk by validating accounts and minimizing errors at the point of capture in real time.  As a Nacha Preferred Partner, we are fully compliant with the 2021 payments verification mandate. We are also Fair Credit Report Act compliant, so you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your payments processes.

Get paid faster

Collect outstanding payments with CSG Forte Direct Recovery. Direct Recovery optimizes ACH and check collection ratios by automatically re-presenting failed or declined payments, with algorithms and built-in logic to maximize performance. Easy to implement and manage, Direct Recovery reduces administrative time resolving payment issues and lets you focus on what matters most—running your business.

Keep recurring payments on track

Nothing interrupts revenue recognition like recurring payments suddenly halting due to stolen or expired cards. CSG Forte Account Updater automatically updates stored cards to reflect the newest account information without customer action. By comparing database information with the stored card accounts for recurring transactions, Account Updater eliminates the hassle of updating your customers’ account information and flags closed or expired accounts, so you can reduce the likelihood of customer churn.

Built for your business

Your business is unique—the way you set up your payment operations should be too. With the CSG Forte Gateway Platform, you can select the payments capabilities that suit your business needs, from onboarding and setup to billing and account management. As your business grows, our solutions will scale right along with it.

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