Accept ACH Payments Instantly

CSG Forte makes it possible to accept payments and pay vendors and consumers via ACH. Read on to get specifics on ACH payment processing!

Accept Online ACH Payments

CSG Forte makes it possible to accept ACH payments instantly with our platform Dex. Keep up with the modern demand for payment ease with a convenient, secure and efficient payment solution.

Our comprehensive approach to ACH— with access to 20+ banks— enables merchants to collect payments and disburse funds simply and reliably. You can turn customer payments into usable funds faster with our same-day ACH.

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Adding ACH payment processing to your business or organization improves the customer experience while streamlining your administrative processes. See the full effects of online ACH payments.


Collecting and depositing paper checks or processing credit cards can be an expensive process with all the associated fees. ACH comes with little to no processing fees, so your organization can save money in the long run. ACH payments also won’t involve hidden fees for failed transactions.


CSG Forte’s payment platform handles the exchange of bank information, so you and your customers’ data stays safe. We also include additional security features, like end-to-end encryption and tokenization to protect data during every ACH transfer.


Say goodbye to collecting and depositing checks for hours each week. ACH payments happen electronically, allowing you to track every transaction with ease and see new funds in your bank account within a few days.


When making payments is easier for consumers, your business sees more transactions that support your revenue. With the help of recurring payments and saving account information, consumers can enjoy an undeniably streamlined purchasing experience that keeps them coming back.

Partnering with an ACH Processing Company

ACH payment processing has several features that make it beneficial to users.


The processing time for ACH payments is on average 4 business days. When a consumer sends a payment your way, you can expect to see it in your account shortly after—no trips to the bank required. Managing cash flow becomes simpler with ACH payments processing.


Whether you need to refund a consumer or pay a supplier, ACH payments allow you to send as easily as you receive. Instead of sending checks through the mail and putting your account information at risk, use a fast and secure payment method you can trust.


CSG Forte supports same-day payment options to make ACH transfers even more convenient. When you need to receive or send funds right away, our platform makes it possible.


All ACH transfers come with a confirmation when the transfer is complete, so all users have the peace of mind that their payments ended up where they belonged. This level of transparency is a vast improvement from checks where a single check may sit uncashed for weeks.


Our ACH payment solutions support a diverse range of industries. Some of the industries below are great examples of who could accept ACH payments online:


SMBs face many challenges in payment processing and may turn to cash-only payments to sidestep fees and complexities. At CSG Forte, we streamline the payments process for these businesses, so they can maintain healthy cash flow, improve the consumer experience and reduce their administrative responsibilities.


Municipal, state and federal government organizations accept payments from donors, grant providers and more. With the help of ACH transfers, these organizations can keep cash flowing and improve their relationships with constituents in the process.


Healthcare organizations need to keep up with the modern demands for streamlined payment options. With CSG Forte, hospitals, clinics and independent practices can improve patient payment rates with ACH processing.


Landlords and property managers alike need to accept rental payments from their tenants. Offering quick and easy ACH payments means you receive rent payments on time and your tenants have a positive experience with your property.


SaaS companies can effectively manage the monthly subscription model with recurring ACH payments. With our API-first design and a single, robust platform for managing payment metrics, you can handle your revenue with confidence.

ACH Payment FAQs


Businesses in many industry sectors offer ACH payment options to increase customers' convenience and improve cash flow. Some examples include:

Numerous businesses send online ACH payments through their business banking institution's portal. An authorized user logs in and enters the recipient's financial information, including the bank, account number and amount to transfer. This transaction generates an ACH debit from the payor's account to withdraw the funds and an ACH credit to the recipient's account at the other bank.

Many online banking tools support the retention of payment information and pre-scheduled or recurring payment options, saving even more time.

Thanks to technology, ACH payment processing happens quite rapidly. The processing time for ACH payments is on average 4 business days. Payment processors like CSG Forte also offer same-day settlement options to speed up collection.

Examine the benefits of ACH for your business. Companies selling to other businesses can gain advantages like an electronic transaction record and fewer money transfer fees. Those who work with individual consumers offer their customers more convenience while enjoying faster funds availability. ACH is also especially beneficial for subscription-based businesses to save time by setting up automated recurring payments.

These benefits may not make accepting ACH the right electronic payment solution for every business. Some companies may prefer the immediacy of wire transfers or the certainty of credit card transactions.

One of two things must happen before your bank can accept an ACH payment on your behalf. Either your customer must originate the payment from their account—which means providing your business's banking information to everyone you sell to—or you must have the buyer's consent to request the payment as the recipient.

The easiest and most efficient way to begin accepting online ACH payments for your business is to work with an experienced partner like CSG Forte. Our end-to-end payment processing platform is a scalable solution that eliminates complex manual processes. We have a straightforward approach:

  1. Set up your ACH account information in the application.
  2. Capture the customer's consent.
  3. Enter the payment details.
  4. Submit the request.

We automatically handle the documentation and secure storage for your customer's authorization and banking information.

Financial institutions throughout the U.S. support ACH transactions, including banks, credit unions and many brokerage firms. Each entity has everything required to process debit and credit requests through ACH since this process requires only accurate banking information and authorization.

ACH requires no specialized equipment, just a processing platform. If you want to initiate a payment to another business, your bank may offer the ideal solution through its online banking tools.

Accepting ACH payments from customers means you'll also need a way to capture their consent to withdraw the money directly from their account. A payment gateway from a reliable third-party payment processor (TPPP) like CSG Forte helps simplify the process while keeping data secure and your company compliant.

All ACH transactions require basic information like the financial institution's routing number and the account number.

ACH payments through a bank are often free of charge, unlike wire transfers done through different clearing houses. Some TPPPs charge a per-transaction processing fee. Others use flat-rate pricing based on the transaction's value, similar to credit card processing.

Generally speaking, ACH payment acceptance carries lower transaction costs than credit card acceptance, where average fees range from 1.5% to 3%. It's also usually less expensive than taking debit cards, with average fees totaling 0.74% of the payment value. Conversely, the median cost of an ACH payment runs between $0.26 and $0.50.

At CSG Forte, we know no businesses are alike when it comes to their customers' payment preferences. We offer individualized pricing based on your unique payment processing needs. Let our teams analyze your transactions to help you identify and implement the most cost-effective solutions for your business.

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CSG Forte is your trusted provider for online ACH payments. With access to over 20 banks, you can count on our solution to deliver true impact to your revenue management. Get started with us today to see our platform in action, or reach out to our team to learn more.