In-Person Payments

Speed customers through the line and accept contactless payments with CSG Forte’s point-of-sale payments solutions.

Give the people what they want

As online shopping and touchless transactions continue their rise, in-person payments are here to stay. Consumers want to pay quickly, securely and through their method of choice. By focusing on what customers want, such as making on-the-go payments and NFC-enhanced technology, you can expand your market presence and capitalize on every potential sale. 

A better point-of-sale

Impress customers with enterprise-grade POS terminals with advanced security features and the ability to accept any payment type. Integrate our award-winning POS solutions with your existing software or use as standalone devices. 

Accept payments on the go

Move beyond brick-and-mortar limitations and accept payments outside of the store. Our mobile solution instantly transforms your smartphone or tablet into a payment processing terminal. Offer your customers fast, seamless and secure payment options anywhere, any time.

An all-in-one platform

Manage all transactions through a single interface (or APIs) and gain insight into operations with real-time reporting.  Get the information you want to make the data-driven business decisions you need.

Get In Touch

Tackle the ever-shifting nature of payments with scalable, in-person technology.