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What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Gateway?

Integrating a payment gateway into your process can be simple, but knowing more about it can provide the confidence you need to help you identify a trustworthy provider.   What Is a Payment Gateway? A payment gateway is a technology merchants use to accept customer credit and debit card payments. The term payment gateway is […]

How Can ACH Processing Benefit Your Business?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment processing continues gaining popularity as businesses and customers recognize this system’s many benefits. ACH processing is an electronic payment method that allows companies and individuals to send and receive money. These digital transactions offer significantly lower costs and added convenience for recurring transactions. As a result of ACH’s benefits, many […]

Your Guide to POS Debit and Point of Sale Charges

When you accept particular types of credit or debit card payments, your business and customers need an easy way to distinguish different types of transactions to separate the real ones from fraudulent ones. This is where merchant descriptors come in. Merchant descriptions explain various transaction types on a customer’s bank account or credit card statements. Two common descriptors […]

Check Verification Guide for Businesses

Ensuring your business receives payments on time from customers is paramount to business operations. Whether your business deals with checks, eChecks or both, verification procedures can confirm that the payment is valid before you accept it. Check fraud is a prevalent problem for both consumers and businesses, resulting in significant losses. Fortunately, verification procedures or systems can […]

What Are Electronic Payments and How Can They Help Your Business?

Imagine. You want to purchase a doughnut at the local bakery, but instead of handing over your credit card, you reach into your pocket and pull out a few grains you picked on your farm earlier that day. After all, the baker can use the grains to make more dough. Seems crazy, right? However, the […]

eCheck vs. ACH What Is the Difference?

Many terms exist to describe types of automatic payments and it can be hard to understand what they all mean. At a high level, the broadest category is electronic funds transfer (EFT). Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments and eChecks are two examples that fit under EFTs. eChecks and ACH are two terms often used interchangeably, […]


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