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Young woman holding credit card making an online purchase

Need a Rock-Solid Payments System? Focus on Platform Stability and APIs

Pause for a moment. Think of how many software vendors your organization works with in order to conduct business. It’s a lot, isn’t it? And that’s not just a lot of vendors—that’s a lot of decisions about who’s going to support your business processes. Few of those decisions are more foundational than this one: Who’s […]

female with credit card teleworking via laptop

Why Debit-Card-Only Acceptance Makes Sense for Debt Repayment

Sometimes customers fall behind on payments. If you’re a financial institution or lender, you know how challenging collections can be. You want to make the debt repayment process as easy as possible while reducing your operational costs and risks of non-payment. Also, it’s a process you want to get right from a compliance standpoint: For […]

businessman working on laptop at office

How ISVs Can Retain Customers Through Effortless Experiences

Everyone wants payments to be simpler. Consumers who make them. Merchants that accept and manage them. And integrated software vendors (ISVs) that offer them through their platforms. But the “rules” for enabling simple payments are changing. ISVs will need to know how shifting trends in customer experience (CX) will influence their ability to retain customers. […]

What Is Embedded Finance?

The evolution of embedded finance has reshaped the way consumers interact with money by making financial services more accessible and efficient. Both financial and nonfinancial companies are making embedded finance options part of their digital presence to increase user engagement and attract new customers. Modern embedded finance solutions help these companies stand out from the […]

How Can You Benefit From Using ACH Withdrawals?

ACH withdrawals are a modern payment method that can be useful to both businesses and consumers. This approach to transferring funds offers benefits over other payment methods like checks and credit cards, and it’s supported by most major banks. Explore the meaning of ACH withdrawals, what makes them convenient, and why you might benefit from […]

man texting and smiling

Secure, Swift, Seamless: Why Your Customers Love Digital Wallets

Consumers want fast, convenient ways to pay for their purchase—without digging through their wallet for their card payment details. Shoppers increasingly say they choose where to shop based on how convenient the online payments process is. One way to enhance your customer experience (CX) and streamline the online transaction process is by offering your customers […]


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