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4 Digital Payments Trends Making Businesses Future Ready in 2023

This year, we’re looking at a different world in digital payments. Businesses are facing down recession fears and tighter margins. Consumer spending habits are shifting as they contend with inflation. What hasn’t changed? The payments experience is still key to maintaining healthy cashflow and loyal customers. And innovation will still pay off down the road […]

Process Fast, Secure Payments Using Merchant Services

Are you opening a retail store in a brick-and-mortar establishment? Creating an online storefront? Customers who visit you in person or online will likely pay electronically via a debit card, credit card contactless pay or mobile device. How can your retail store capture this cardholder data and turn it into a quick and secure payment? […]

P2PE vs. E2EE: What’s the Best Payment Security Option?

If end-to-end encryption and point-to-point encryption sound like they could be the same thing, you’re not wrong.

CSG Forte Combats Fraud with Launch of End-to-End Authorization Solution, CSG Forte Authenticate

ALLEN, Oct. 20, 2022 –  CSG Forte, a CSG (NASDAQ: CSGS) company and the expert in processing and making automated clearing house (ACH) payments more secure and reliable, today launched CSG Forte Authenticate. To be successful, merchants need lock-tight authentication capabilities that effectively reduce the risks of fraud and automate their processes.  Authenticate is an […]

How Can Businesses Use Real-Time Payments?

Although traditional payment options are still around, consumers and businesses want improved payment methods to send and receive money faster. Real-time payments are a solution that became available in the United States in 2017. This platform offers significant improvements, including payments that are transferred and settled almost instantly. Since the real-time payment network is expected […]

React Native SDK from CSG Forte

The World Advertising Research Center predicted that by 2025, 72% of all internet users will solely use smartphones to access the web.


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