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Payment Experience

Customers today have more options than ever before when making payments. They can use cash, paper checks, credit cards or digital payment methods. One way to set your company apart is to provide an exceptional payment experience. What Is a Payment Experience? The payment experience is part of the customer’s journey. It refers to the […]

Woman makes credit card payment using laptop

What Is a Payment Link?

Today, every business needs to offer a variety of payment options for their products, services and invoices. Furthermore, these offerings need to be fast and secure to meet your customers’ ever-expanding needs. Personalized payment links meet all of the above requirements, and CSG Forte’s payer engagement platform also integrates seamlessly into your existing website setup, messaging platforms and social […]

Credit Card Fraud Protection

Beat The Numbers Game: Guard Against Card Testing Fraud

Card not present (CNP) fraud has been on the rise: it’s projected to account for nearly 75% of all payments fraud by 2024, which is up from 57% in 2019. As merchants shift their focus to protect against this growing share of CNP fraud, they find themselves tackling a specific type: card testing attacks. Payment […]

Woman makes credit card payment using laptop

Not Ready for Rising Card Fees? Try These 4 Payment Alternatives

Credit cards emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever. After bearing the brunt of decreased recreational spending in 2020, the industry is riding the wave of ecommerce growth to top an unprecedented $500 billion in online credit card usage. Resurgent travel spending, higher wages and generous rewards programs all bode well for credit card payments. But as […]

Woman in cafe using phone and laptop

Mode of Payment – Guide to All Payment Types

Cash, check or card—it wasn’t long ago that these were the only options people had when paying for a purchase. Today, customers have more choices than ever, including using their phones to pay at a store or restaurant or transferring money directly from their savings or checking accounts. Accepting as many different methods of payment […]

Girl shopping on phone making an online payment

NFC Mobile Payments

When customers use their phones to pay for purchases at supermarkets, restaurants or stores, those payments are in part powered by near-field communication (NFC). NFC is a type of wireless connection that lets two devices in close proximity to each other communicate. A smartphone with NCF enabled can send data to a nearby credit card […]


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