Property Management

Manage tenant payments with property management payment solutions from CSG Forte.

Property Management Payment Solutions

Property management involves regular fund transfers between you and your tenants. Whether you’re a landlord or a property manager, getting on-time rent payments is critical to maintaining a healthy revenue stream. With the help of property management payment solutions from CSG Forte, you can manage tenant payments with greater ease while improving the experience for anyone living on your properties.

Payment Processing Built for You

CSG Forte has extensive experience providing payment solutions for property management. Our work in this area allows us to provide solutions that make a difference to your administrative processes, revenue management and tenant relationships. Onboard in record time, allow renters to make payments each month and set up recurring payments for even greater ease.

Customer Spotlight

Read how customers in the property management industry untidied our payment solutions.


Whether you own one property or multiple, you count on your tenants to pay you on time to make your revenue more predictable. With the help of property management payment solutions from CSG Forte, your tenants can enjoy the ease of payment and you can track all of your income from multiple sources. Easy payment solutions can also be an excellent selling point when you’re searching for new tenants.

Property Managers

Property managers need to track rent payments for multiple property owners, ensuring all parties get their required income. With property management payment processing, your operation can view all payments from every tenant and ensure every property owner receives their rightful cut.

Types of Payment Processing With CSG Forte

Payment flexibility and convenience are key for streamlining your administrative processes and keeping your tenants satisfied. CSG Forte allows landlords and property managers to offer various payment methods to tenants, improving their experience with your property and ensuring you receive your payments on time every month.

With our platform, you can take payments online, in person and by phone with the following methods:

  • ACH
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Digital wallet

Payment Solutions in Action

Landlords and property managers alike have improved payment operations with the help of CSG Forte.

Reduce Late Payments by 21%

When paying rent is more convenient and accessible via card payments and ACH transfers, tenants make payments on time more often. Instead of taking time to mail a check, tenants can process payments from the comfort of their homes. Fewer late payments also means fewer administrative tasks for property managers and landlords that need to charge late fees.

Reduce Returns by up to 20%

While you likely confirm that a tenant is financially capable of covering the rent for a property, everyone’s finances can be unpredictable at times. With access to credit options, tenants can cover rent even when they’re short on funds in their accounts. You receive the money you’re owed, and tenants can sidestep late fees. Your revenue is also more predictable without a high amount of returned checks.

Reduce Fraud

CSG Forte reduces the risk of fraud by eliminating the need for checks. Checks have account numbers and routing numbers on display. If they’re intercepted in the mail, you can lose revenue for the month, and your tenants put their accounts at risk. When tenants can handle transactions electronically, they benefit from security features that keep their personal data hidden.

Our security measures include PCI-validated encryption and tokenization to protect account information during transmission. These security features also help keep you compliant.

Choose CSG Forte Payment Solutions

CSG Forte’s payments platform makes it easier than ever to manage tenant payments. Improve the experience for your tenants while reducing administrative responsibilities. Explore the full potential of our platform and get started with our solution today. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our team to discuss our capabilities.



I LOVE the customer service and ease of the online terminal at Forte! Its easy to use (especially the newly released DEX platform). If I ever need assistance, I get it lighting fast. They are willing to hear suggestions and quick to find resolution with my issues (which are rare).

Janine L.
Director of Operations
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“API is very easy to understand. There is always a customer service representative that knows the API and the business who can really talk to a developer. Much better than competitors who take way longer. It’s is great to talk to someone who understands what is needed and always gives the right answer.”

Horacio P.
Software Engineer
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“Love the customer service! The functionality has adapted well with our in-house tax system; the customer service is what makes this the best for me and our team. They are always ready to troubleshoot any issues. We are committed to Forte because of the customer service we get.”

Mathew C
Treasurer Account Manager
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CSG is a PCI DSS v3.2.1 Level 1 Service Provider and our compliance assessment was performed by a highly respected third-party assessor.

ISO 27001:2013

CSG achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification in June of 2018 and continues to evolve securely by systematically and continually reviewing and evaluating security threats and vulnerabilities.


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CSG maintains our HIPAA compliance program through a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and controls that are continuously reviewed and updated.


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