Process payments for your patients quickly and efficiently with CSG Forte's secure payment solutions.

Healthcare Payment Solutions

Now more than ever, it’s critical for healthcare facilities to provide payment solutions that meet patients’ expectations for easy experiences.

Optimize your organization’s revenue cycle with healthcare payment solutions that help you process payments quickly. With CSG Forte, you’ll realize more timely and full payments by supporting numerous modern payment methods your patients want to use.

Modernize Your Healthcare Payment Systems

The healthcare industry has unique pain points in payment acceptance. Alleviate them with medical payment processing solutions designed with your industry in mind. Your facility can use the latest payment technologies to provide secure transactions that meet patient expectations.

CSG Forte supports:

Medical Practices

Offer more payment options and manage all your payment streams on one platform so your practice can get paid faster.

Strategic Health Partners

Drive more revenue for your healthcare practice using flexible and integrated solutions

Health Systems

Use credit card processing that’s secure and convenient for your facility and patients.

Payer Solutions

Connect health plans, patients and providers to manage each payment transaction.

Types of Payments CSG Forte Processes

Your healthcare facility and your patients have something in common—you both want fast and convenient payment methods. CSG Forte processes numerous types of payments so your patients can pay their bills however they prefer. Your organization will get paid faster while encouraging long-term relationships with your patients.

With CSG Forte, patients can pay online, in-person or by phone using payment methods such as:

  • ACH
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Digital wallet

Streamline Patient Payment Processing

Make payment simple for patients and providers using CSG Forte’s flexible healthcare payment solutions. You’ll use products designed for the healthcare industry to:

  • Support revenue cycle management
  • Improve patient experience
  • Expand payment options
  • Enhance financial engagement
  • Follow healthcare and payment industry security and compliance standards

We modernize healthcare payment processing through:

Seamless Integration

Connect our payment processing platform with your software package to have everything you need in one ecosystem.

Secure Transactions

Keep patient payment card data safe through safeguards like encryption, tokenization and hosted payment pages.

Healthcare Expertise

Rely on a team that understands your organization’s complexity and unique needs for simplifying payment processing.

Choose CSG Forte for Your Medical Payment Processing Solutions

Ready to simplify your payment processing and acceptance? Boost your revenue cycle and patient experience with CSG Forte’s complete payments solution.

Learn more about how CSG Forte supports the healthcare industry. Contact us today.





We have had a great experience with Forte since day 1. The fees for the tax payer are less than the previous company we used. The daily reports give so much information and I am able to pull all information up from each transaction if need be.

—Danielle C. | Chief Deputy Treasurer

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