Call Center Payment Processing

Modernize call center payments while improving security and the customer experience with CSG Forte Engage.


CSG Forte Engage enables leading organizations to streamline call center operations, improve payment security and enhance the customer experience at the same time. Businesses of all industries, ranging from government entities to insurance companies, can benefit from this user-friendly call center payment solution.

Allow customers to pay promptly and securely

CSG Forte Engage empowers contact center agents to quickly create custom invoices on secure online payment pages, called NanoSites, to be sent to customers to complete payment via email or text message. This allows contact center agents to streamline the payment process and reduce call length by over three minutes per call, on average.

Empower Contact Center Agents and Reduce Call Times

Asking customers to share their card information with a call center agent over the phone may increase the risk of payment fraud. Rely on a secure, streamlined approach to accepting payments over the phone.

CSG Forte Engage:

  • Streamlines the call center payment process and shortens call times
  • Provides convenient payment options
    • Methods (ACH, credit/debit card)
    • Multiple communication channels (text or email)
  • Improves the customer experience by allowing customers to conveniently use payment information stored on their devices instead of tracking down their credit or debit card
  • Empowers customers to pay without disclosing their credit card or bank account information to contact center agents
  • Is a low-to-no code solution that you can easily implement in days or weeks—not months

Benefits you’ll experience with our Call Center Payment Solution

Reduce call length

by over three minutes per call for live agent payment calls

Modernize the payment experience

with multichannel digital payment options

Increase on-time payments

by making the payment process more convenient

Reduce payment data exposure and fraud risk

by preventing call center agents from collecting sensitive payment information

Reduce live agent payment calls by up to
with CSG Forte Engage’s IVR solution.

Man using phone to shop online


  1. Contact center agents can quickly create a custom, branded invoice.
  2. Agents are able to easily send customers a link to their personalized online invoice via their preferred communication channel (email or text).

The entire process—from call to payment completion—takes just a few short minutes.

One organization was able to
reduce staff on collections by
and improve collection rates by
with CSG Forte Engage.

Happy call center agents

Modernize Call Center Payments Today

Enhance payment security and streamline the payments process by implementing CSG Forte Engage. With our low-to-no code solution, you can get started in days or weeks—not months.