How Can Integrated Payments Improve Your Business?

Many of today’s rising businesses and entrepreneurs face challenges when processing their payments, primarily because they’re unaware of the various solutions available for choosing a payment model. Because payment technology constantly evolves, selecting a solution that offers the most advantages to your operation is critical.

Integrating payments with a reliable service provider lets you receive all the benefits of bringing payments in-house without structuring them yourself. CSG Forte can equip your company to accept a broad range of payment methods, regardless of how you choose to do business with your customers. Our cloud-based solutions allow you to manage all your payments in one place, whether from debit cards, credit cards, in-person purchases or ACH transactions.


What Is an Integrated Payment Solution?

Integrated payment solutions allow businesses to accept credit or debit card payments directly into their existing software platform. They can connect your payment systems with other critical aspects of your business, including your customer service management (CRM) program, payroll and accounting functions. One of the primary benefits of these solutions is that they minimize the number of steps required to manage your payments through automated accounting and recordkeeping.

Because the system posts payments for you, there’s no need to reconcile invoices or balance your general ledger later. Integrated payment solutions also work with banks to automatically process the incoming payment information.


Why Should Companies Switch to Integrated Payment Solutions?

Businesses that implement integrated payment solutions into their operations experience instant benefits, including:

  • Security: Integrated payment solutions require fewer people to access your most sensitive financial data. They also eliminate manual entry, making them less susceptible to theft or interception. These systems also feature safeguards that make it more secure to store valuable data by using encryption to deter cybercriminals.
  • Revenue optimization: Companies can complete transactions and process invoices instantly using integrated payment solutions. Receiving and posting payments faster means improved cash flow, allowing companies to maintain better relationships with customers, vendors and banks while improving profitability.
  • Fewer errors: Calculation errors often lead to significant accounting problems and inaccuracies with revenue reporting. Integrated payment processing reduces these issues by eliminating double transactions and automatically relaying transaction information to the proper destination.
  • Streamlined operations: With integrated payments solutions, businesses can improve efficiencies in their accounting processes, eliminating the need to enter and reconcile transaction data manually. The platform automatically posts payments at the time of the sale. It also displays transactions in real time, making accounting more manageable and accurate while providing immediate access to sales data.
  • Improved customer experience: Efficient transactions are among the most significant customer concerns, as they often determine satisfaction levels and whether they may return for future business. Customers often leave a store when they encounter long lines or potential checkout problems. An integrated payment solution helps increase checkout times by eliminating many time-consuming factors associated with manual checkout.


Benefits of Partnering With CSG Forte

CSG Forte’s cloud-based solutions enable you to streamline payment management and increase your operational efficiency, including transaction monitoring, enhanced analysis and dispute management. Programs like Dex allow you to manage your payment operations in one location to save time and money. With increased visibility into your payment processes, you can perform tasks like canceling charges, granting refunds, changing payment methods and addressing other customer needs.

At CSG Forte, we aim to help our clients grow their businesses quickly, efficiently and profitably by offering superior payment platforms. We develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing network by leveraging our world-class technology with decades of combined experience. We provide everything you need to accept and manage payments anytime or anywhere.

We also offer customer support options to fit your needs, from intuitive self-service to round-the-clock assistance.


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