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Use Recurring Payments to Predict Your Revenue Stream

As subscription models become more popular, recurring payments are as well. A recurring payment is a regular payment for a product or service. They benefit your customers by improving their experience and are great for your company by providing a steady revenue source.   What Is Recurring Payment Processing? Recurring payments are automatic charges for […]

Explore the Value of ACH Payments Between Businesses

ACH payments are a modern and secure method for processing fund transfers. Explore the value of this payment type for transactions between businesses.   What Are Business to Business ACH Payments? Business to business ACH payments are electronic fund transfers between two companies. These electronic transfers occur in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and […]

What is ACH Credit and How Does It Work?

A Guide to ACH Credit Do you compensate your employees through direct deposit? Have you paid your bills online? If so, you have sent ACH credit. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a critical network in the United States financial industry that manages millions of transactions like these every day. ACH credit makes electronic money […]

Navigating ACH Returns & Ensuring You Earn Your Expected Revenue

When handling transactions with Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, awareness of ACH returns is a must. While these returns are not commonplace, it’s possible to experience them every now and then, especially if the bulk of your transactions are ACH payments. ACH payments are electronic transfers regulated by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). […]

Move Funds Faster With Same Day ACH Transfers

Automated clearing house (ACH) payments have become critical for everything from electronic bill payments to direct payroll deposits. Same-day ACH is one of the latest improvements to the ACH network that enables the processing of credit, debit and return transactions multiple times daily. Same-day ACH transfers ensure that payments are deposited into another account on […]

How Can Integrated Payments Improve Your Business?

Many of today’s rising businesses and entrepreneurs face challenges when processing their payments, primarily because they’re unaware of the various solutions available for choosing a payment model. Because payment technology constantly evolves, selecting a solution that offers the most advantages to your operation is critical. Integrating payments with a reliable service provider lets you receive […]


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