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Tips to Reduce Late Payments by Engaging Payers

Suman Chaudhuri, VP, Sales & Revenue, CSG Forte   Late payments are on the rise, and they can weigh down your organization’s growth if they go unaddressed. Auto loan and credit card delinquencies have bounced back to their pre-COVID rates, and late payments on consumer loans aren’t far behind. With these indicators, merchants in other […]

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7 Essential Features for a Better IVR Payment System

While no one likes paying bills, reducing consumer friction points during the bill-paying process can get your invoices paid faster. Millennials are more likely to prioritize paying bills that are easy to pay before tackling (or ignoring) bills that are more inconvenient. More than half (52%) of consumers report experiencing at least one pain point […]

Taking Card Payments Over the Phone—Finding A Secure Approach

Credit card fraud is widespread—and costly. A recent survey found that 65% of Americans with credit or debit cards have experienced credit card fraud at least once. Not surprisingly, 52% of U.S. bill payers rank security as a top feature in the digital bill payment process. One area of heightened risk is taking credit card […]

Why Does Your Business Need a Payment Service Provider?

Payment service providers (PSPs) are pivotal in the digital payments landscape. Their services enable merchants of all sizes to accept various payment methods since consumer preferences differ. Retailers can gain more customers and increase sales by offering more payment choices.   What PSPs Do A PSP is a third-party business partner that provides the technology […]

ACH Versus Wire Transfer

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and wire transfers are two types of electronic money transfers between financial institutions. These funds typically move between buyers and sellers and offer benefits over using physical checks. Several factors vary between the two payment methods and can make one option better than the other for your needs. Learning about […]

How Can Your Business Use Text to Pay?

Late or missed customer payments can occur for a variety of reasons, including forgetfulness and not knowing a payment’s due date. Whatever the case, late payments can impact your company’s bottom line. Fortunately, there is a proactive way to increase payment propensity through SMS—convenient reminders to pay via text messages delivered directly to your customer’s […]


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