React Native SDK from CSG Forte

The World Advertising Research Center predicted that by 2025, 72% of all internet users will solely use smartphones to access the web.

Whether you’re as bullish as they are on mobile’s growth, it’s undeniable that we increasingly rely on our mobile devices for Internet-based activities, spending nearly three hours on average per day on surfing, email, social networks, music, videos, and ecommerce.

Not surprising then, is that software developers, the hard-working folks behind the magic we see on screen, favor tools that help them efficiently create and optimize user experience for both mobile and desktop.

React Native framework has gained in popularity as a cross-platform mobile app development tool for its focus on user interface (UI). As a cross-platform tool, developers can be more productive, sharing the same codebase rather than having to code two separate apps for different operating systems. React Native is now one of the most-used development frameworks, especially for building mobile apps for iOS and Android which cover more than 90% of mobile users.

Embedded mobile and web payments

Why are we telling you about a developer tool? Making a payment is an essential part of most customer journeys, and more and more developers are looking to easily embed payments into their user experiences. CSG Forte launched a new integration for mobile browser and in-app payments with our React Native software development kit (SDK).

Customers expect the convenience of making payments via mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms; CSG Forte’s PCI-compliant React Native SDK provides independent software vendor (ISV) and Merchant developers the framework to efficiently integrate this payment flow and retain total control of their application’s user experience.

A secure digital payment option, the SDK supports the request to the CSG Forte platform for a one-time token that can be used to send encrypted cardholder and payment method data to CSG Forte. This reduces the chance of exposing sensitive customer information because it moves this payment data directly to CSG Forte’s servers instead of yours.

Strategic payment processing partner

Selecting a payment processing platform integration is a critical development decision. Unlike years past when payments was considered a commodity, least-cost decision, selecting a payments partner has strategic importance—to enhance customer experience, drive growth, and improve operational efficiencies. Jordan McKee, Research Director at 451 Research, calls it the “payments trifecta.”

He states that merchants have shifted priorities, ranking “’quality of tech platform’ … as the number one attribute they seek when selecting a payment processing partner. Modern APIs, unified platforms, built-in optimizations, and advanced analytics and reporting are several examples of the tech-centric capabilities that more sophisticated payments teams are increasingly demanding.”

As developers ourselves, CSG Forte has long appreciated the importance of providing the tools our ISV partners and merchants need to fuel their success. The Strawhecker Group, one of the payments industry leading analytics and consulting firms, recognized our API set, noting our developer tools and documentation “structured with developers in mind and designed to make the integration process simple and painless.”

Explore our React Native SDK developer documentation to see how CSG Forte continues to deliver for developers and simplify the creation of compelling user experiences for mobile payments.