Forte Places 2nd in The Strawhecker Group’s “Best in Breed” API Set Award

A payments gateway needs to be easy to use, fully functional and intuitive for developers. Today, The Strawhecker Group (TSG), an industry leader in payments consulting and analytics, released their 2021 “Best in Breed” API Assessment, powered by the firm’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform.

Part of the assessment centered around evaluations of API Sets. In a competitive field Forte placed second out of 20 payments companies in the “Best of Breed” API Set awards. Here’s how the scores were awarded.


 The Assessment

TSG assessed features and functionality without integration and focused on APIs offered, response codes and versioning. TSG conducted the evaluation without assistance from gateway personnel, allowing them to accurately rank a processor’s gateway from three major standpoints—understandability, functionality, and self-sufficiency. The objective of the report was to provide a better understanding of how a gateway’s API affects merchants, developers, and the consumer.

The report was broken down into three areas: APIs, response codes and versioning.

  • APIs—According to the report, Forte provides very informative descriptions of the available APIs. Having added multiple APIs since the last assessment, the setup was presented logically and intuitively.
  • Response Codes—TSG found that Forte’s response codes were easy to locate and that in many cases, the descriptions offered substantial detail on any encountered issue.
  • Versioning—The versioning was found within the web service URL and listed as three versions, with multiple changes within each version.

Forte offers a unified end-to-end payments platform that easily adapts to changing needs and empowers companies to transform their payments operations into a competitive business strategy. By leveraging world-class technology, Forte continues to innovate and endeavor to make payments faster, smarter, and simpler.