The Fastest Way to Transfer Money Between Banks

Many electronic transfer methods allow you to send money instantly with your checking account and routing numbers. Processing times and fees vary. The best transfer option for you hinges on how long you can wait for the money to clear, how much you’re willing to pay in fees and how much security matters to you.

What Is an Instant Bank Transfer?

An instant money transfer allows you to move funds from your bank account to a recipient without lag time via a digital banking system. Instant bank transfers are convenient, especially for businesses that depend on same-day payments. Automated clearing house (ACH) money transfers are one of the most secure options. Same-day ACH transfers can provide fast and safe transactions at a fee. You’ll need to link both accounts using basic information, including your routing and account numbers. Other options include wire transfers and online apps.

How to Transfer Money From One Bank to Another Instantly

There are a few ways to send money to a bank account instantly. These payment options may not clear immediately by default, but you can often pay a fee to complete transfers sooner.

The cost of each ACH payment can vary depending on the transaction size and clearance time. Wire transfers have a higher cost per transaction, but the funds are cleared immediately. Checks are free when cashed at your bank, and money mobile applications could charge a small percentage of the transaction amount in fees. There’s no right or wrong choice—the best transfer option should suit your bottom line and the scope of your business.

ACH Bank Transfers

The National Automated Clearing House Association (Nacha) oversees ACH transfers. Nacha authorizes batches of funds in a waiting queue, resulting in a typical waiting time of around four business days. You can opt for a same-day transaction at a fee if the amount you’re transferring is less than $1 million.

To complete an ACH transfer, you’ll need to provide your routing number and bank account number. This data is handled by the Nacha network, making this method one of the more secure transfer options.

Wire Transfers

For a domestic wire transfer, you’ll need the recipient’s name, account number and routing number. In some cases, you may also need their address. You can wire money through a bank or an external party like Western Union. Wire transfers can be instant if you pay a fee, which makes this method a convenient choice.

Mobile Applications

You can use money applications on your phone or laptop to send funds to a recipient through your banking app. You’ll need a verified and working banking app, which you’ll need to link to the third-party application. To connect the two apps, register on the money app with your email address and phone number.

Another option is creating a virtual wallet and sending money to recipients using PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Venmo. Depending on the type of transaction, the transfer can be instant or take a few days.

Paper Checks

Paper checks are a more traditional way of sending someone money. When you write a check, you’ll need to know pertinent information before sending it to the recipient. Be familiar with the bank routing number and each individual check’s number. You’ll also need to fill out the date, the recipient’s or organization’s name, the amount and a short memo for tracking purposes. As with any document, you’ll need to sign the check.

Writing and sending checks can be laborious. Traditional paper checks take time, as you’ll need to visit the bank to cash or deposit them. Check fraud is also a factor to keep in mind.

What Is the Fastest Way to Transfer Money?

Any electronic funds transfer (EFT) that guarantees instant clearance is the fastest way to transfer money. Options include same-day ACH, wire transfers and some peer-to-peer app transfers.

Speed is just one factor to keep in mind when transferring money. With some methods, your funds can clear instantly, but the security of your data may be lacking. ACH is an especially safe option, using sophisticated encryption and tokenization. It’s also fast. A typical ACH transfer can take on average four business days, and same-day transfers clear in one business day at an additional fee.

How ACH Transfers Stay Secure

ACH transfers differ from other payment methods because Nacha has set security measures to protect sensitive information. Account and routing numbers are necessary to transfer money from one recipient to another. The Nacha network ensures this information remains protected through several layers of security:

  • Encryption: Your data is encrypted using algorithms, protecting sensitive information from leakage.
  • Tokenization: Tokens replace your account and routing numbers with random codes.
  • A committed exchange process: The Nacha network authorizes transfers and payments.
  • Masking: Nacha requires certain stored account information to be truncated if you’re a large sender. Masking hides your personal information and that of your clients.

ACH Transfers With CSG Forte

Business owners need to keep up with modern commercial demands. You can optimize your funds by accepting payments instantly with CSG Forte. We’re a Nacha-preferred partner, so validating your accounts is secure and seamless. We’ve partnered with over 20 banks for added convenience and simple, reliable transacting.

Our ACH payment system is safe and streamlined to help you:

  • Access your money instantly: You can turn payments into usable cash instantly with our Dex platform.
  • Accept payments easily: Receiving payments from vendors and customers is hassle-free with our ACH payment solution.
  • Keep track of your funds: Our ACH payments offer more visibility than checks—you can keep track of your transfers and know where your money is going at any time.

Explore How ACH Payments Can Help Your Business

For your convenience and safety, CSG Forte’s ACH payments solution is easy to integrate into your existing platform. You can accept payments instantly without having to go to the bank. Our partnership with Nacha and payment card industry (PCI) compliance ensures that your payments and disbursements are safe and quick.

Learn how you can get started with us today. You can also contact us online or call us at 866-290-5400 if you have any questions—one of our payment experts will gladly help you.