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U.S Merchants
$2.50 Gateway monthly
$0.25 per transaction
$1.00 per return/reject
$10.00 Validate Plus monthly
$0.23 Validate Plus per transaction

Canadian Merchants
$2.50 Gateway monthly
$0.45 per transaction
$1.50 per return/rject

Pricing question – email [email protected]


Credit Cards

$2.50 Gateway Monthly Fee
2.80% Flat-Rate (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
3.15% Flat-Rate (American Express)
$0.31 per transaction
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Pricing question – email [email protected]

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Solve business accounting challenges using the perfect set of finance apps on the cloud

Automate recurring billing cycles and manage customer subscriptions

Craft beautiful invoices, get paid faster and keep track of payments – all for free

Streamline business transactions in one place and receive key insights

Manage orders and inventory with this web-based application for SMBs

Collect one-time and recurring online payments using personalized payment pages

Boost productivity

Streamline accounting operations and breeze through posting and reconciliation

Authorize instantly

Speed-of-light processing with our gateway moves transactions quickly

Collect and disburse funds

Use ACH to move money easily and reliably between bank accounts

Say yes to every sale

Accept all major card brands: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club and JCB

Only the best. Make the most of our feature-rich gateway.

  • Maximum security: PCI compliant tier 1 data centers feature 24/7 video surveillance and on-site armed security.
  • Maximum reliability: Geographically diverse and fully redundant data centers are designed to withstand outages.
  • Maximum performance: We offer the industry’s best authorization times for swift payment processing.

Application FAQs

Why is CSG Forte asking me for my personal information?

Federal banking regulations and the Patriot Act require all financial institutions to verify and keep record of information that identifies an individual or entity that opens an account. CSG Forte is very committed to keeping your personal information secure, so you can feel confident about sharing this information with us.

When I try to e-sign the application, the system is redirecting me to the “signing room” and is prompting me for my “file password.” I don’t know what my file password is?

Your file password was provided to you in a pop-up window. If you have a pop-up window blocker enabled, there is a chance you didn’t see it. The file password is your phone number without any spaces or dashes.

How long does the approval process take?

CSG Forte will attempt to get your completed application approved in 48 hours or less. If we have any questions about your application, a Credit Analyst will contact you.

I am a company in Canada. Can I get a merchant account?

Sure. We now offer Canadian EFT (eCheck) and credit card processing. There are two separate applications for EFT and credit card processing. Please click the Canadian EFT button below for Canadian eCheck processing. You will be able to fill out this application and submit it electronically.

For Canadian credit card processing, please click the button below. Fill out the credit card application completely and print and sign. Send the credit card application to [email protected] Incomplete Canadian credit card applications may be sent back to you for completion.

What is PCI and what do I have to do to become PCI compliant?

Upon approval, CSG Forte will send out instructions to become PCI compliant. Following these instructions will ensure that your clients’ credit card data will be protected.

I have a question that’s not listed here. How should I get in touch?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Zoho application integrations and applying for CSG Forte merchant account. Please email your questions to [email protected].