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A changing market

74% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company has a difficult purchasing process.


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Overcome the challenges associated with ACH and card payments

Accepting ACH payments comes with the risk of facing insufficient funds in a customer’s bank account, which could lead to fees, a cash flow bottleneck, and a poor customer experience.

Card payments come with their own risks — such as recurring payments suddenly halting due to stolen or expired cards — which could cause customer churn that might not have otherwise occurred.

Are you ready for simpler payments with fewer roadblocks?

Optimize ACH payments
and save

Forte Verify balances out risk by validating accounts and minimizing errors at the point-of-capture. View actionable results in real time to help determine your own risk threshold prior to transactions.

This insight promotes smooth transactions and prevents uncomfortable situations from occurring. Better yet, Verify is Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant and can be quickly implemented so you can start reaping the benefits.

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Automated re-presentment helps you get paid faster

Direct Recovery helps optimize ACH and check collection ratios by automatically re-presenting failed or declined payments. Algorithms and built-in logic maximize performance to deliver optimal results.
Easy to implement and manage, Direct Recovery eases payments and promotes healthy cash flow so you don’t need to go back to customers to resolve potential issues.

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Keep recurring payments on track

Account Updater is the perfect companion for recurring payments. Customers want to set and forget subscriptions and memberships, but that could derail if a payment card expires or gets cancelled.

Now you can automatically update stored cards to reflect the newest account information, without the need to first prompt customers. Just like that, your business and its customers both benefit from the convenience.

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priority Partners with Forte
Priority Software specializes in the development of end-to-end business management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Alongside a global network of business partners, Priority serves 75,000 companies in 40 different countries.
The integration with Forte’s tools created a seamless solution. Integrating with Forte quantifiably saves time and generates a better customer experience.”
Scott Davisson
Managing Director, Priority Software
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