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Welcome to the home for our Quick Reference Guides. Here you can access every single one as a PDF. Feel free to download and take with you.

These files will be updated as needed, so bookmark this page to stay on top of the latest changes.

VX520 Quick Reference Guides

Get your terminal ready

VX520 EMV Step-by-Step

Upgrade Video

Before upgrading the terminal:

  1. Get internet access
  2. Remember your Merchant ID
  3. Find last 4 digits of the serial code on the bottom of the terminal

Watch our step-by-step video for an easy transition to become EMV compliant and update your VX520 terminal.

VX520 EMV Quick Tips

  • What does the new update do to the VX520?

    Your VX520 will be able to process EMV/chip cards and the menu view options will change.

  • What do I need to have in order to update my VX520?

    Please have your VX520 terminal plugged into a power supply, connected to the internet, with ports 443 and 80 open. If you need help, feel free to give us a call.

  • How long will the new update take?

    You can expect the entire download process to take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • Can I perform multiple downloads on several VX520 devices at once?

    As long as each terminal has its own power supply and internet connection, you can perform several downloads at once. However, we recommend performing only one download per person. If you wish to complete several at once, it'd be wise to recruit a few friends to help. Assign everyone their own VX520 to update and have a download party.

  • What if I skip a step?

    If you accidentally skip a step, you can try to start over from the beginning. However, if you'd like some help, don't hesitate to call us at the number listed above.

  • One of the steps listed in the instructions doesn't appear on my VX520. What should I do?

    Attempt to continue by moving to the next step. If this does not work, contact us for help.

  • How do I use the Alpha Key to turn numbers into letters?

    On the VX520 keypad, each number has letters printed next to it. To use the Alpha Key, press the number with the letter you need and then press the Alpha Key to cycle through the characters. For example, to select the letter N, press 6-Alpha-Alpha. To select a period (.), press 1-Alpha-Alpha-Alpha. To get a colon (:), press #-Alpha-Alpha.

  • Do the letters need to be capitalized?

    Characters are not case-sensitive, so there's no need to worry about this.

  • How do I clear out what I have typed?

    If you need to clear out anything on the terminal's screen, press the Yellow Key.

  • What if I lose internet during the process?

    If your connection is lost, unplug the Ethernet cable. Wait a couple of seconds, then plug it back in. If it does not reconnect, restart the terminal by unplugging the power supply. Begin the download process again from Step 1.

  • What should I do if the terminal times out?

    During the download process, it is possible for the terminal to time out. If this happens, a screensaver will appear that says the following:

    To return to the download process, press the Red "X" Key. You will be automatically returned to the CommServer/Forte screen. You will need to go back to Step 1 and complete items A-H as listed on the VX520 Download Instructions PDF.

  • How soon can I process transactions after completing the download?

    Once the update is complete, including the final EMV initiation step, you can process transactions immediately.

  • I have updated my VX520, but EMV is not working. What should I do?

    Return to Step 3 of the instructions and retry this final step. If this does not solve the problem, reach out to us.

  • Where can I download the latest version of Forte Device Handler?

    Forte Device Handler is available for download at

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