Payments Trends 2023

Learn more about the payments landscape in 2023 from our thought leaders.

6 Ways to Increase Revenue and Decrease Risk with the Right Payments Partner

The payments journey is a powerful revenue driver when designed with the customer experience in mind. Starting with the elimination of friction from the process. Convenience is a demand that transcends industry. Executives are reporting that their customers express frustration about login slowdowns, authentication issues and too few autopay options in the payment process. With the right changes to your customers’ payment journey, you can have it both ways. Learn how to offer a smooth and secure payment process in this eBook.

The Future of Payments is Fast, Secure, and Convenient

2023 is poised to see significant evolutions within the payments landscape. From the rapid rise of contactless payments in the past couple of years to the widespread adoption of embedded payments, consumers and merchants can agree that they want their payments to be seamless, frictionless, and fast. Listen to CSG Forte’s VP of Product and Engineering, Sukanya Madhavan, and Javelin Analyst, Daniel Keyes, discuss the current payments landscape and what the year ahead could hold.

Digital Wallet Use Delivers on Convenience and Security

Damany Abernathy, Executive Director of Solution Engineering at CSG Forte, and Christopher Miller, Lead Analyst in Emerging Payments at Javelin Strategy & Research sat down to discuss the expanding popularity of digital wallets, as well as the security challenges and inherent risks of their growing use.

Navigating the Evolving Payment Landscape: Mid-Year Outlook

Jeff Kump, President of CSG Forte, and Daniel Keyes, Head of Merchant Services at Javelin Strategy and Research, shared insights on how payments have progressed this year and what we can expect in the coming months. The key takeaway is that personalization and creating a seamless payment experience are the critical factors for driving customer loyalty.