Point-of-sale payments

In-person payments that meet today’s expectations.

In the digital age, in-person payments have adapted by boosting security, convenience, and reliability.


On the rise

In-person payments continue to flourish by steadily growing year over year.

by 2024


What a modern in-person payments solution can do for you

Everyone wins with built-in security designed to protect your business and your customers. By focusing on what customers want, such as making payments on-the-go and NFC enhanced technology, you’re able to expand your market presence and capitalize on every potential sale.

Having a simple, yet reliable in-person solution that works every time — without delay — is the expectation you should set with every transaction.

Learn what modern point-of-sale terminals can do for your business.

Point-of-sale that sets you apart

Imagine the impression you create by having enterprise-grade POS terminals with advanced security features — such as end-to-end encryption and tokenization — the capability to accept any payment type, plug-and-play integration with your existing software or as a standalone device, and the ability to easily scale to you and your customers’ needs. 

Discover the revenue opportunities awaiting you by accepting in-person payments — anywhere, any time.

Capture more revenue with Forte’s mobile solution

Move beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar limitations of only being able to securely accept payments within four walls. Forte’s mobile solution instantly transforms your smartphone or tablet into a payment processing terminal.

Deliver on your promise to customers by making every transaction quick, seamless, and secure — while protecting your business with built-in fraud detection — regardless of where you or your customers are located.

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Simplify your payment operations

Are managing transactions and leveraging deep business insights a challenge? See how Dex can help you do both in real-time.

Warrick County Partners with Forte
In 2017 Warrick County turned to Forte for property and county tax collection. Since then, the frequency and volume of these payments increased, including credit card and eCheck, because residents like how easy it is to use. Account verification tools have saved the county and residents substantial time when receiving and making payments.
Warrick County
We nearly stopped taking online payments...but I wanted to find a better vendor that could provide more accuracy and consistency. Forte’s services have been invaluable.”
Judy Beem
Treasurer, Warrick County

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Tackle the ever-shifting nature of payments with scalable, in-person technology.