Meet Dex
One Portal for Managing Payments
Dex — Forte’s newest platform — provides a single, comprehensive solution for payment processing. The responsive interface is fast and user-friendly, making payment management a simple task.
With Dex at your fingertips, you can:
Have complete control
  • Oversee specifics related to both organizations and locations
  • Govern details related to Transactions, Customers, and payment methods
  • Permission-based controls allow you to manage who has access to specific functionality
Streamline your operations
  • Access My Tickets to simply add, remove or edit a bank account
  • Disputes Manager section allows merchants the ability to manage their own disputes electronically
  • Help section included to ensure easy onboarding
Report valuable insights
  • Dashboard views on sales performance and payment methods
  • Export detailed reports on all major sections such as Transactions, Funding, Schedules, Disputes and many more
Manage Customers and Users
  • Admins: manage and invite additional users, API permissions, transaction oversight
  • Managers: perform actions with additional permissions, ex. refunds
  • Users: view and manage transactions, customers and payment methods
Payments are a critical piece of the business puzzle.
Dex simplifies it.
New to Dex?
Contact our Customer Service team at for personalized assistance.