Bank debit filter

To ensure there are no issues with your merchant processing or billing when debit blocks or filters are in place with your bank, please provide all of the company IDs below to your bank. If you have customers who use debit blocks or filters, they must also provide this list of company IDs to their banks, as well as one additional company ID as described below.

  • 5330903620
  • 2330903620
  • 1330903620
  • 1000+MID ***For a merchant providing company IDs to customers, you must also provide company ID: 1000+MID. For example, if your merchant ID is 125989, the company ID would be 1000125989.***

If processing credit cards, the below additional company IDs will need to be added:

  • 5469221406
  • 4469221406
  • 1310281170
  • 1310676865
  • 92643720CT
  • 92643720CC
  • 92643720AH
  • WFMSForte1


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