State of the CX: How ISVs Can Create Effortless Experiences

In CSG’s latest 2024 State of the Customer Experience Report, we explored five major CX shifts, drawing insights from our annual data, first-hand experiences with clients, and industry studies. These insights are particularly invaluable for ISVs like yourself, providing actionable strategies to optimize payment journeys and elevate customer retention. Nurturing and expanding customer relationships is paramount for thriving in today’s dynamic landscape. The pivotal strategy lies in prioritizing seamless experiences to enhance customer retention and foster sustainable growth.

In this webinar, our CX and payments experts will share proven best practices to streamline payment processes and elevate the end-to-end payment journey for ISVs, their customers, and end-consumers.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand why effortless experiences beat unforgettable ones.
  • Explore strategies that bolster retention by avoiding common sources of customer frustration.
  • How to enhance your journey-centric experiences from onboarding to activation and beyond.
  • Learn how to streamline payment journeys and decrease fraud by leveraging AI.

2024 State of the Customer Experience

Go beyond the buzzwords and learn about the new CX era. Learn what it is and what it’s not to understand how to craft the best strategy for your business.

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