Forte Verify

Fully Compliant

Forte Verify:

To help reduce fraud and entry errors, we have added Forte Verify to your account, as requested. This service verifies the payer’s banking information to ensure that it is a valid account for the payer. There is a per transaction fee for Forte Verify, as outlined in your agreement. Please keep the following in mind when using Forte Verify:

Individual payments. To use our Forte Verify service when manually entering transactions, please select single sale, eCheck verify only, or auth only from the dropdown menu.

Recurring payments. It is best to verify only the first time a payer uses an account. It is not necessary to use Forte Verify on recurring transactions. If your organization uses the recurring transaction features in Dex, we suggest entering a one-time eCheck verify only transaction to your customer’s account, followed by scheduling the recurring transactions if approved.

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