Business Classification Codes

Professional, Personal, and Business Services

Business Type Business Classification Code
Accounting/Auditing/Bookkeeping Services A10100
Advertising Services A10200
Architectural A10300
Computer Maintenance and Repair Services, Not Elsewhere Classified A10400
Computer Programming A10500
Consulting Services A10600
Courier Services A10700
Exterminating and Disinfecting Services A10800
Fax Service A10900
Industrial Supplies A11000
Insurance A11100
Laundry, Cleaning, Garment Services A11200
Legal Services and Attorneys A11300
Money Orders - Wire Transfer A11400
Moving and Storage Companies A11500
Photography A11600
Protective and Security Services - Including Armored Cars, Detective/Protective Agent, and Guard Dogs A11700
Publishing and Printing A11800
Real Estate Agents and Managers - Rentals A11900
Securities Brokers/Dealers A12000
Stationary, Office Supplies, Printing, and Writing Paper A12100
Tax Service A12200


Charities and Non-Profit

Business Type Business Classification Code
Charitable and Social Service Organizations - Fundraising B20100
Civic, Fraternal, and Social Associations B20200
Membership Organizations B20300
Political Organizations B20400
Religious Organizations B20500


Public Services and Education

Business Type Business Classification Code
Ambulance Services C30100
Business and Secretarial Schools C30200
Colleges, Universities C30300
Correspondence Schools C30400
Court Costs, Including Alimony and Child Support - Courts of Law C30500
Dance Studios C30600
Educational Services C30700
Elementary/Secondary Schools C30800
Employment Agencies, Temporary Help Services C30900
Government Miscellaneous Services C31000
Tax Payments C31100
U.S. Federal Government Agencies or Department C31200
Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water, and Sanitation) C31300
Vocational Schools C31400


Healthcare and Fitness

Business Type Business Classification Code
Chiropractor D40100
Counseling Service D40200
Dentist/Orthodontist D40300
Doctors and Physicians D40400
Drug Stores and Pharmacies D40500
Gym/Health Club D40600
Health and Beauty Shops D40700
Hearing Aids D40800
Hospitals D40900
Massage Therapist D41000
Medical and Dental Laboratories D41100
Medical Practitioner D41200
Medical Services D41300
Miscellaneous Personal Services D41400
Nursing and Personal Care Facilities D41500
Optometrists and Ophthalmologists D41600
Orthopedic Goods D41700
Osteopaths D41800
Podiatrists/Chiropodists D41900
Psychiatrists D42000
Testing Laboratories (Non-Medical) D42100
Therapist D42200
Veterinary Services D42300


Retail: Food and Beverage

Business Type Business Classification Code
Bakeries E50100
Bar/Club/Lounge E50200
Caterer E50300
Confectionery Stores E50400
Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets E50500
Dairy Product Stores E50600
Restaurants E50700


Retail: Other

Business Type Business Classification Code
Antique Shops - Sales, Repairs, and Restoration Services F60100
Apparel and Accessory Shops F60200
Art Dealers and Galleries F60300
Artist's Supply and Craft Shops F60400
Automotive Body Repair Shops F60500
Buying/Shopping Services, Clubs F60600
Children and Infant's Wear Stores F60700
Cigar Stores and Stands F60800
Commercial Footwear F60900
Computer Software Stores F61000
Cosmetic Stores F61100
Department Stores F61200
Drapery, Window Covering, and Upholstery Stores F61300
Dry Cleaners F61400
Electrical and Small Appliance Repair Shops F61500
Electronic Stores F61600
Family Clothing Stores F61700
Florists F61800
Florist Supplies, Nursery Stock, and Flowers F61900
Fuel Oil, Wood, Coal, Liquefied Petroleum F62000
Funeral Service and Crematories F62100
Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops F62200
Industrial Supplies F62300
Miscellaneous General Merchandise F62400
Music Stores F62500
Office and School Supply Stores F62600
Office, Photographic, Photocopy, and Microfilm Equipment F62700
Paint and Wallpaper Stores F62800
Pawn Shops and Salvage Yards F62900
Pet Shops F63000
Precious Stones and Metals F63100
Religious Goods Stores F63200
Sewing, Needle, Fabric, and Price Goods Stores F63300
Shoe Stores F63400
Sporting Goods Stores F63500
Sports Apparel, Riding Apparel Stores F63600
Stamp and Coin Stores F63700
Stationary, Office Supplies, Printing, and Writing Paper F63800
Tailors, Seamstress, Mending, Alterations F63900
Telecommunications Equipment including Telephone Sales F64000
Variety Stores F64100
Women's Clothing Stores F64200


Home, Auto, and Repair

Business Type Business Classification Code
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair Shops G70100
Alarm Monitoring G70200
Automobile and Truck Dealers (Used Only) G70300
Automobile Parking Lots and Garages G70400
Automobile Parts and Accessories Stores G70500
Automotive Service Shops G70600
Automotive Tire Stores G70700
Bail and Bond Payments G70800
Barber and Beauty Shops G70900
Cable and Other Pay Television G71000
Car and Truck Dealers G71100
Carpentry Contractors G71200
Carpet Cleaning G71300
Childcare G71400
Cleaning and Maintenance, Janitorial Services G71500
Construction Materials G71600
Electrical Contractors G71700
Electrical Parts and Equipment G71800
Equipment Rental and Leasing Services G71900
Floor Covering Stores G72000
Furniture Store G72100
General Contractors - Residential and Commercial G72200
Hardware Equipment and Supplies G72300
Hardware Stores G72400
Heating and Air Conditioning G72500
Home Furnishing Specialty Stores G72600
Home Supply Warehouse Stores G72700
Household Appliance Stores G72800
Jewelry Repair G72900
Landscaping/Horticultural Services G73000
Lumber and Building Materials Stores G73100
Metal Service Centers and Offices G73200
Mobile Home Dealers G73300
Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts G73400
Motorcycle Dealers G73500
Nurseries - Lawn and Garden Supply Store G73600
Office and Commercial Furniture G73700
Pest Control G73800
Petroleum and Petroleum Products G73900
Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies G74000
Repair Shops G74100
Roofing G74200
Swimming Pools - Sales, Service, and Supplies G74300


Leisure and Entertainment

Business Type Business Classification Code
Airports, Airport Terminals H80100
Bands and Orchestras H80200
Bicycle Shops - Sales and Service H80300
Boat Rentals and Leases H80400
Country Clubs H80500
Cruise Lines H80600
Dating and Escort Services H80700
Golf Courses H80800
Lodging - Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Central Reservation Services H80900
Marinas, Marine Service, and Supplies H81000
Motion Picture Theaters H81100
Motor Home and Recreational Vehicle Rentals H81200
Recreation Services H81300
Sports Recreation H81400
Theatrical Producers/Ticket Agencies H81500
Timeshares H81600
Tourism H81700
Trailer Parks and Camp Grounds H81800
Travel Agencies and Tour Operations H81900
Video Amusement and Game Supplies H82000



Business Type Business Classification Code
Airlines, Air Carriers I90100
Airport Shuttle Transportation I90200
Automated Fuel Dispensers I90300
Boat Dealers I90400
Bus Lines, Including Charters and Tour Busses I90500
Car Rental Companies (Not Listed Below) I90600
Car Wash Services I90700
Local/Suburban Commuter Passenger Transportation - Railroad, Ferries, Local Water Transportation I90800
Passenger Railways I90900
Taxicabs and Limousines I91000
Toll and Bridge Fees I91100
Towing Services I91200
Truck and Utility Trailer Rentals I91300