Transaction Codes

Transaction Status Codes

The status of a transaction will change depending on the following factors:

  1. Was the transaction accepted or rejected for processing?
  2. Which part of the status cycle the transaction is in?


The status cycle for a typical ACH transaction is Ready > Settling > Funded. The status cycle for a typical credit card transaction is Ready > Settled. After being sent out by Forte for processing, the status may change to one of the following:

Status Description

The customer's payment was authorized. To complete the sale, the item must be captured from the transaction's detail page.

Complete eCheck verification was performed and the results were positive (POS) or unknown (UNK).
Declined Transaction was declined for reasons detailed in Response Code and Response Description.
Failed eCheck verification was performed and the results were negative (NEG) or the transaction failed for reasons detailed in the Response Code and Response Description.
Funded eCheck item was funded to or from the merchant's bank account.
Ready Transaction was received and is awaiting origination (echeck) or settlement (credit card).
Rejected eCheck item has been rejected or returned by the client's financial institution. Merchant will not be funded for the item.
Review Transaction was unable to be settled due to a merchant configuration issue. Please contact Customer Service to resolve (1-469-675-9920 x1).
Settled Credit Card item has been funded to the merchant's bank account.
Settling eCheck item has been originated and Forte is awaiting the settlement results.
Unfunded Previously funded echeck item has been returned and funding was reversed.
Voided The transaction was voided and the item will not be originated or settled.


Transaction Response Codes

When a transaction is submitted for processing, Forte immediately returns one of the following responses. Transactions that are accepted for processing return the A01 response code. Transactions that are rejected for processing return the "U" response codes.

Code Description Comments Test Parameters
A01 APPROVED Transaction approved/completed  
A03 PARTIAL AUTHORIZATION Transaction approved for a partial authorization (CC only) Not available
U02 ACCOUNT NOT APPROVED Customer account is in Forte's "known bad" account list (EFT only)

Send echeck sale transaction with the following data:

  • routing_number=021000021
  • account_number=987654321
U02 TRN NOT APPROVED Routing number passes checksum test but not valid for ACH

Send echeck sale transaction with the following data:

  • routing_number=064000101
  • account_number=Any account number
U03 DAILY TRANS LIMIT Merchant daily limit exceeded (EFT only) Not available
U04 MONTHLY TRANS LIMIT Merchant monthly limit exceeded (EFT only) Not available
U05 AVS FAILURE ZIPCODE AVS state/zip code check failed Send a regionand postal_code that do not match
U06 AVS FAILURE AREACODE AVS state/area code check failed Send a regionand postal_code that do not match
U07 AVS FAILURE EMAIL AVS anonymous email check failed Send an email from a email address.
U08 DAILY VELOCITY Merchant has exceeded the maximum number of transactions per hour, which may indicate a security problem. This error rarely occurs, but if you receive it, contact Forte immediately.  
U09 WINDOW VELOCITY Merchant has exceeded the maximum number of transactions per hour, which may indicate a security problem. This error rarely occurs, but if you receive it, contact Forte immediately.  
U10 DUPLICATE TRANSACTION Transaction has the same attributes as another transaction within the time set by the merchant Send the same transaction twice within five minutes
U11 RECUR TRANS NOT FOUND Transaction types 40-42 only Not available
U12 UPDATE NOT ALLOWED Original transaction not voidable or captureable Send a void transaction for a declined transaction
U13 ORIG TRANS NOT FOUND Transaction to be voided or captured not found Send void transaction for the following trace number: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
U14 BAD TYPE FOR ORIG TRANS Void/capture and original transaction types do not agree (CC/EFT) Send a void credit card transaction for an echeck transaction
Transaction was previously voided or captured Void the same transaction twice
U18 UPDATE FAILED Void or Capture failed Send a transaction for 19.18 or 1918
U19 INVALID TRN Account ABA number is invalid Send echeck transaction with routing_number=123456789
U20 INVALID CREDIT CARD NUMBER Credit card number is invalid Send a credit card transaction with account_number=1111111111111111
U21 BAD START DATE Date is malformed Send a transaction with scheduling data but a start date of 13/1/2008 or 1/1/2001
U22 SWIPE DATA FAILURE Swipe data is malformed  
U23 INVALID EXPIRATION DATE Malformed expiration date Send Credit Card transaction with expire_month=13
U25 INVALID AMOUNT Negative amount Send a transaction for a negative amount
U26 INVALID DATA Invalid data present in transaction Send a void transaction with authorization_amount=.
U27 CONV FEE NOT ALLOWED Merchant sent a convenience fee but is not configured to accept one  
U28 CONV FEE INCORRECT Merchant configured for convenience fee but did not send one  
U29 CONV FEE DECLINED Convenience fee transaction failed - SplitCharge model only  
U30 PRINCIPAL DECLINED Principal transaction failed - SplitCharge model only  
U51 MERCHANT STATUS Merchant is not "live" Send a transaction for a non-live account
U52 TYPE NOT ALLOWED Merchant not approved for transaction type (CC or EFT) Send a transaction of a type (credit card or echeck) that the account is not allowed to process
U53 PER TRANS LIMIT Transaction amount exceeds merchant's per transaction limit (EFTs only) Send a transaction that exceeds the merchant's echeck limit(s)
U54 INVALID MERCHANT CONFIG Merchant's configuration requires updating - call Customer Support Send a transaction for 19.54 or 1954
U80 PREAUTH DECLINE Transaction was declined due to preauthorization (Forte Verify) result Send a transaction for 19.80 or 1980
U81 PREAUTH TIMEOUT Preauthorizer not responding (verify transactions only) Send a transaction for 19.81 or 1981
U82 PREAUTH ERROR Preauthorizer error (verify transactions only) Send a transaction for 19.82 or 1982
U83 AUTH DECLINE Transaction was declined due to authorizer declination Send a transaction for 19.83, 1983, or 1.33
U84 AUTH TIMEOUT Authorizer not responding Send a transaction for 19.84 or 1984
U85 AUTH ERROR Authorizer error Send a transaction for 19.85 or 1985
U86 AVS FAILURE AUTH Authorizer AVS check failed Send a transaction for 19.86 or 1986
U87 AUTH BUSY Authorizing vendor busy, may be resubmitted (CC only) Send a transaction for 19.87 or 1987
U88 PREAUTH BUSY Verification vendor busy, may be resubmitted (type 26 only) Send a transaction for 19.88 or 1988
U89 AUTH UNAVAIL Vendor service unavailable (CC only) Send a transaction for 19.89 or 1989
U90 PREAUTH UNAVAIL Verification service unavailable (type 26 only) Send a transaction for 19.90 or 1990
X02 VOIDED A batch transaction was voided Not available
F01 MANDATORY FIELD IS MISSING Required field is missing  
F03 INVALID FIELD NAME Value is not allowed  
F04 INVALID FIELD VALUE Value is not allowed  
F05 DUPLICATE FIELD Field is repeated in message  
F07 CONFLICTING FIELD Fields cannot both be present  
E10 INVALID MERCH OR PASSWD Merchant ID or processing password is incorrect  
E20 MERCHANT TIMEOUT Transaction message not received (I/O flush required?)  
E55 INVALID TOKEN Specified token was invalid, could not be located or may have been deleted  
Client Token Transactions For client token transactions where neither payment fields nor a payment token were specified, the client record does not have a default payment method matching the transaction type.  
Payment Token Transactions For payment token transactions where no client token is specified, the payment token must be clientless.  
Both Client and Payment Tokens Present For transactions with client and payment tokens, the specified payment token is not associated with the client or is clientless.  
E90 BAD MERCH IP ADDR Origination IP is not on merchant's approved IP list  
E99 INTERNAL ERROR An unspecified error has occurred  


Transaction Return Codes

Forte uses NACHA specification return codes that indicate whether the consumer portion of the payment has been returned or rejected. Some common returns are a closed bank account, invalid bank account, insufficient funds, or a dispute. If a payment is unsuccessful, Forte usually receives the return message from the ACH network within 2 to 4 business days of payment submission. For more information on return codes, please refer to the latest NACHA guide which can be found at (subscription required).

Code Description Comments
R01 INSUFFICIENT FUNDS The balance is not sufficient to cover the value of the transaction
R02 ACCOUNT CLOSED A previously open account has been closed
R03 NO ACCOUNT The account is closed or doesn't match the name submitted
R04 INVALID ACCOUNT NUMBER The account number structure is invalid
R05 PRENOTE NOT RECEIVED Pre-notification was not received
R06 RETURNED PER ODFI ODFI has requested RDFI to return this item
R07 AUTHORIZATION REVOKED Account holder has revoked the company's authorization
R08 PAYMENT STOPPED Account holder has stopped payment on this single transaction
R09 UNCOLLECTED FUNDS Balance is sufficient, but can't be released until uncollected items are collected
R10 NO AUTHORIZATION Account holder advises that the transaction is not authorized
R11 CHECK SAFEKEEPING RETURN Return of a check safekeeping entry return
R12 BRANCH SOLD The account is at a branch that was sold to another financial institution
R13 RDFI NOT QUALIFIED RDFI not qualified to participate
R14 DECEASED The account holder is deceased
R15 BENEFICIARY DECEASED The beneficiary entitled to benefits is deceased
R16 ACCOUNT FROZEN Funds are unavailable due to action by RDFI or other legal action
R20 NON-TRANSACTION ACCOUNT Policies/regulations restrict activity to this account
R23 PAYMENT REFUSED The account holder refuses the transaction because the amount is inaccurate for another legal reason
R24 DUPLICATE ENTRY The transaction appears to be a duplicate item
R26 MANDATORY ERROR The transaction is missing data from a mandatory field
R28 INVALID TRN The Transit Routing Number is invalid
R29 CORPORATE NOT AUTHORIZED The corporate receiver has notified RDFI that the Corp entry is not authorized
R31 ODFI PERMITS LATE RETURN RDFI rejected an entry that the ODFI had accepted (applies to CCD and CTX only)
R50 INVALID COMPANY ID The OwnerCompany ID field is not valid
R56 INVALID TRANSACTION DATE The date specified is invalid
R57 STALE DATE The transaction is too old for processing
R95 OVER LIMIT This transaction is over your authorized limit
R96 ACCOUNT ON HOLD This company account is on hold
R97 RDFI DOES NOT PARTICIPATE RDFI does not allow this type of transaction
R98 INVALID PASSWORD The password supplied was invalid
R99 DECLINED UNPAID ITEMS This account or ID has been declined due to unpaid items


Transaction Settlement Codes

Merchants can configure their account to make up to 2 additional recollect attempts. For example, if a check is returned for insufficient funds, a merchant may configure recollection attempts on the following 1st and 15th of the month.

Code Description Comments
S01 FUNDED (1st attempt) Transaction funded on the first attempt.
S02 FUNDED (2nd attempt) Transaction funded on the second attempt.
S03 FUNDED (3rd attempt) Transaction funded on the third attempt.