Online payments

Today's consumers expect simple online payments

And you don’t have to give up functionality or security to provide it.

Price and product
Customer experience

A changing market

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key differentiator.

Satisfied customers are the heart of your business

Creating a memorable customer experience requires serious thought about the entire buyer journey. Overlooking the transaction process is a common pitfall, even though the ease of making payments directly relates to the impression a customer forms of your organization.

Expand your online payment capabilities to accept any payment method — including ACH, debit, or credit cards from all major brands — while making every transaction smoother and more user-friendly.

Take your business to the next level with one of our versatile online payment options, which can also be linked to our powerful in-person payment solutions.

Take control of your payments experience

Our REST API, in conjunction with Forte.js, was created for developers, by developers. With this tool, you’re completely empowered to customize the user interface to create the payment experience of your choosing.

Access the ability to manage your own payment data. Review our dev docs for a self-service approach, or seek the personal touch of live support to assist with integration.

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Ready-to-go payments built into your site

Forte Checkout lets customers easily make purchases right on your site, with the option to store payment information in a digital wallet for recurring transactions. Our knowledgeable support team — paired with thorough documentation — can assist with integration.

Though the payment interface is housed on your site, we store all sensitive data on your behalf to relieve the security and compliance burden.

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Recurring Transactions
Credit/Debit Card
Credit/debit card
Digital Wallet
Digital wallet

A complete payments experience from a Forte-hosted webpage

With Secure Web Pay,  customers are instantly redirected to a secure, third-party website for completing transactions. Integration is lightning fast and requires no development resources.

We take security seriously. Reduce your PCI scope by using a payments solution from a PCI level 1 service provider.

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All payments.
One platform.

Our payments platform, Dex, goes with your online payments solution like tacos and guacamole. Well, we think that’s a perfect combo.

Manage all transactions and gain insight with real-time reporting. Dex contains the tools you need to make better, smarter business decisions based on real data.

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Buildium’s core customer-base of property managers needed a solution capable of processing a high volume of transactions with high price points, such as rent payments.
Warrick County
Fourteen years later, we're still proud to call forte our partner.”
Dimitris Georgakopulos
Co-Founder of Buildium

A trusted support staff

Get the answers you need with the help of our live, responsive team of payment pros.

Get the most from online payments with the powerful checkout solution of your choosing.