accept payments with ease

Flexible, secure and efficient for governments of any size


We've helped over 10,000 local and state government agencies take payments since 1998

  Tax payments

  Court fines & fees


  Professional licenses

  Utility bills

  Traffic & parking citations

  Motor vehicle fees

  Business services & fees

simple, scalable payment solutions

Supporting both service fee and absorbed fee models

  •   ONLINE

    Let us help you find the right online solution

    checkout BillPayIt Secure Webpay
    •   Bill look up and pay & PDF bill presentment
    •   Built-in business rules (pay oldest amount first, accept partial payments)
    •   Shopping cart functionality
    •   One-time and recurring payments
    •   Robust customization options
      • Upload your own graphics
      • Create your own content and add contact information
      • Present information specific to your department
    •   Late cut-off times for two-day funding
    •   Receipt and email payment confirmation

    •   Take payments, manage transactions and users and pull reports from a single web-based hub
    •   EMV-ready hardware for in-office payments
    •   Kiosk option available
    •   Comprehensive reporting and features through our Virtual Terminal
    •   Role-based permissions
    •   Each terminal can be delivered pre-configured for plug and play operation

    Learn more about our EMV-ready hardware

  •   MOBILE

    •   Accepts both ACH/eCheck and debit/credit card payments
    •   SMS text receipts
    •   Great for field agent payments or remote office locations
    •   Instant card authentication at the swipe for real-time fraud detection
    •   Immediate tokenization and transaction decryption in hardware

    See our free downloadable mobile apps

    iOS   Android  

    •   Automatically capture payment details including phone number
    •   Process transactions for all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover
    •   eCheck acceptance
    •   Multi-lingual, accent-neutral voice talent
    •   Customized reports with daily detail and summary of transactions

    •   Easy subscription and recurring payments
    •   Help customers avoid late fees
    •   Additional fraud reduction and eCheck protection options
  1. Online
  2. In-person
  3. Mobile
  4. Phone Payments
  5. Recurring Payments

Serious Security

Process with confidence

Level 1 PCI compliance

Tier 1 data centers, annual compliance audits and our PCI DSS program help ease your burden


Hide original sensitive payment data using randomly generated tokens, protecting merchants from breach

Check verification

Instantly verify if bank accounts are open and valid, decrease errors at the point of capture and reduce costs from NSF items with Forte Verify

Hosted payment page

Let Forte host the page for you and remove the PCI compliance burden

easy integration

Front and back end hosting options for any payment need

  • • See our fully-stocked, modern library of APIs
  • • Start building your payment solution with dedicated ongoing support from onboarding
  • • Enjoy integration with existing and/or third party software at no cost

Insightful, Tailored reporting

Manage everything from the cloud

Experience the power and ease of real-time hierarchical
reporting with intelligent features. Create and download
your reports straight from the terminal or via our
cloud-based reporting console.

  • Create and email a daily report by channel and payment type
  • Auto daily reports detail each transaction and summarize by card type and eCheck
  • Create, edit and name reporting templates
  • Export reports to different formats, including XML, CSV, TIFF, PDF, HTML and MS Excel
  • Receive notifications of returned checks and review returns online
  • Obtain authorization for payment amounts
  • Search, void and reverse transactions by date, payee name, last four digits of credit card or amount of transaction
  • Maintain full control of all report data
  • Access reconciliation and origination report types
  • Review reports by department and payment channel

additional marketing support

Once you set up your solution, we help you inform clients of your new offerings with prominent payment messaging like billing inserts, logo usage and statement/invoice messaging. We'll also help you design your website for a streamlined experience, making recommendations to you for minimal clicks. Our additional marketing efforts are offered at no cost to your office and are just another piece of the whole solution.

  competitive pricing

Forte offers competitively priced processing services for any department's needs and preferences. Flexibility is key. Choose between convenience and absorbed merchant fee models.

 system stability

Forte maintains an uptime of 99.99%

Our systems do not require regular maintenance. If we happen to make changes to a platform or product, we'll let you know 30 days ahead of time. There's no downtime during changes and/or maintenance.

  timely implementation

Once we've executed the agreements and gathered the information to board your accounts, we'll have you up and running quickly. We'll discuss requirements with you right away and stick around to help you anytime you need us.

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