Times have changed

So has the billing and payment experience.

The future of billing

A cashless and technology-driven society is skyrocketing the digitization of bill presentment and payments.



electronically generated bills by 2024


Why the change to digital?

The digital transformation taking place with billing has customers demanding a seamless and instant payment experience. Companies need to transform their business operations by keeping up with customer expectations, eliminating paper and distribution costs, and automating routine tasks with electronic bill presentment and payment.

Effectively scale operations

A standalone portal allows you to manage and research all transactions in a hosted and secure environment.

Customers are empowered to self-serve — saving your organization's valuable time — with the ability to view payment status and history, change bank accounts, and much more.

Automation tools boost cashflow, keep customer payment information current, avoid declined payments, and improve collection ratios.

A payment experience your customers will love

Payments are a breeze when they can be made from anywhere, anytime, and with any payment method 24/7/365.

Personal, automated notifications keep your customers up-to-date with relevant payment details. Allow customers to make payments, schedule payments, or put payments on autopilot.

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A solution that connects all the dots

  • Integration easy enough to do yourself — or let us do it for you

  • Enterprise reporting and transaction tracking to inform your business

  • Compliant with security standards that unburden you, providing peace of mind

  • Manage all aspects of payment operations from a single-source platform designed with ease-of-use in mind

  • Link BillPay with your in-person payment solutions to further enhance customer experience

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Warrick County Partners with Forte
In 2017, Warrick County turned to Forte for property and county tax collection. Since then, the frequency and volume of these payments increased, including credit card and eCheck, because residents like how easy it is to use. Account verification tools have saved the county and residents substantial time when receiving and making payments.
Warrick County
We nearly stopped taking online payments...but I wanted to find a better vendor that could provide more accuracy and consistency. Forte’s services have been invaluable.”
Judy Beem
Treasurer, Warrick County

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