Preventing Duplicate Transactions

Merchants can specify a timeframe that prevents transactions with similar attributes from being approved and processed. This prevents customers from being charged multiple times for the same order. When the duplicated transaction is attempted within the specified timeframe, Forte automatically declines it with a U10 response.

Forte compares five key attributes between transactions to determine duplicates. These attributes include the following:

Attribute Description
timestamp When the transaction was sent
first_name The first name of the customer
last_name The last name of the customer
amount The amount of the transaction
order_number A merchant-defined string used to identify the customer's order


To define a timeframe in minutes when two transactions cannot have the same attributes, contact Forte Customer Service and request that they set the Duplicate Timeout field on the Settings tab of your merchant account to the requested amount of time. This field defaults to five minutes, but can be configured to any time between zero and five minutes.