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    We've helped over 10,000 government clients take payments
    since 1998.


    We love pushing the envelope with modern, robust APIs and cutting-edge applications.


    Forte's staff has worked within the government sector for a combined 47+ years.

A fully integrated payment solution

Web | POS | IVR

Experience in government

  • Tax payments

    Give your customers the ability to look up and pay their taxes through our safe and secure online portal.

  • Court fines & fees

    Make the process of paying for court fines & fees less intimidating for your customers. Leave it to us.

  • Registrations

    Customers can renew their vehicle registration and pay for it all in one place. Easy as that.

  • Professional licenses

    Whether the payment is for a marriage license, driver’s license, or vital records, we’ve got you covered.

  • Utility bills

    Forte’s system offers recurring payments for utility bills, ensuring that bills are paid on time, every time.

  • Traffic & parking citations

    Paying for traffic citations can be a frustrating process. Let us help you ease the burden.

  • Motor vehicle fees

    If it’s easy to pay for vehicle inspections, drivers will follow through. We’ll keep it simple so the roads will stay safe.

  • Business services & fees

    Forte offers a service fee model, which rolls the convenience fee into the customer’s payment so it’s all covered in one lump sum.


Let's talk numbers

  • Total government merchants
  • Total transactions
  • Total dollars processed

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Why integrate with us?

  • Boost

    Our revenue share program splits the profits with you. Make money without the headache of dealing with payments yourself.

  • Earn and keep
    more customers

    Once you integrate payments, even more customers will flock to your comprehensive and easy-to-use solution. And they'll stick around.

  • Round out your product
    without the hassle

    Let us take the wheel. We'll work behind the scenes and add value to your already incredible governement software product. Headache-free.

  • More
    payment types

    Say yes to both credit/debit cards and ACH/eCheck payments.

  • Any way they want
    to accept

    Take payments online, over the phone, on a mobile device or directly at the point of sale using advanced, EMV-ready hardware.

  • Adaptable

    Incredible support for both absorbed and service fee models.

Easy integration

  • Easy-to-use
    APIs & technology

  • Abbreviated documentation

  • 24/7 sandbox
    test environment

  • Unmatched service
    and support

  • Cloud-based

  • Customization notifications
    and alerts

Top-notch security

  • Payment tokenization

    Process with confidence. We hide the original sensitive payment data using randomly generated tokens, protecting merchants from breach.

  • Lower PCI scope

    Leave it to us.
    Our tier 1 data centers, annual compliance audits and PCI DSS
    program help ease your burden.

  • System stability

    Relax with our 99.99% systems availability. Zero maintenance is required, and there's no downtime during changes.

  • eLockbox

    Help clients consolidate all payments, including paper checks, into one secure file and automatically correct inaccurate account numbers.

We've helped plenty of partners and clients reach total payments bliss.

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