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There’s a reason why tens of thousands of merchants are powered by Forte’s payment solutions

Accept payments with peace of mind

Running a small business is hard. Having the right payment solution makes it easier.

Complicated Process
Complicated processThe merchant application and approval process can be overly long and tedious.
Data Protection
Data protectionIt’s never been more important to protect your customer’s data with the rise of identity theft and fraudulent transactions.
Arrested Development
Arrested developmentAs your business grows, can your current payment provider help you scale?

Accepting payments is our Forte.

At Forte, we offer payment solutions that make it easier to accept in-person and online payments.

Easy Onboarding
Easy onboarding
  • Get approved and processing within 24 hours with our expedited sign-up process.

  • While your competitors wait weeks for approval, generate a steady revenue stream.

Simplifying Security
Simplify security
  • We’ve been PCI-compliant since 2006 and can help minimize your PCI scope and liability.

  • Protect sensitive data through our tokenization, EMV and encryption capabilities.

Full coverage
Full coverage
  • Scale with us, regardless if you’re just getting started or already operating at scale.

  • From contactless and EMV terminals to card networks and Apple Pay, we’ve got you covered for every payment method.

Gexa Energy

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Verification lending
a competitive edge. was in need of a verification service to reduce return ratios and alleviate the burden of fraud. The answer was found in Forte Verify, Forte’s check verification solution. For over eight years, has benefited from Forte’s easy integration and scalable software solutions.
 Products used    
Forte Verify  |  ACH  |  REST API
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