Pay by phone

Automation is redefining business

With IVR, you can sit back as the payments roll in.

An overburdened industry

Among a group of surveyed customer support professionals, 73% said that managing time and workload was the biggest industry issue.

managing time
and workload

Equip your business with the right tools

How can you scale operations without hiring additional resources? Automate payment processing by allowing customers to securely pay via an IVR answering service.

IVR provides an interactive option for customers to pay on their own schedules. This also allows your staff to shift focus from payments to more pressing matters.

Easier payments for customers and staff

People want the convenience of paying when they’re available. IVR payments allow customers to pay at any time, with any payment method, and with multiple language options.

Get all the benefits without sacrificing security. The automated service is more secure than live representatives taking sensitive payment data over the phone.

Improve collection ratios by pairing IVR with BillPay — a true match in self-service heaven.

greenE County Partners with Forte
Since 2016, Greene County, Indiana has enjoyed a seamless integration between front-end tax software and Forte’s payment solutions. The Treasurer’s office now makes use of electronic billing, along with IVR services and point-of-sale terminals. Our competitive rates and robust software solutions have helped smooth and modernize the process of collecting payments from taxpayers.
Warrick County
Our taxpayers had limited options until we started offering IVR service. Since then, 43% of transactions collected using Forte services have come through IVR. The service extended our resources and payment availability for taxpayers.”
Nicole Stahl
Treasurer's Office, Greene County

A trusted support staff

Get the answers you need with the help of our live, responsive team of payment pros.

Why wait when you can start benefiting from automated phone payments?