Complete Payments Management

Using too many payment tools?

It’s time you handled payments your way with just one login on a single platform.

Dex. One platform. Complete payments management.

An evolution in software

The average enterprise organization now uses many internet-based tools and resources.

distinct cloud services  

Simplifying your payments is, well...simple

Why invest unnecessary resources to manage the complex lifecycle of payments through multiple platforms and logins? Instead, reduce it to one and make the process more efficient.

Dex is a cloud-based platform that enables you to effectively streamline payments management, including operations, transaction monitoring and analysis, in-depth reporting, and so much more.

Everything you need in one place

Forget trying to remember 37 different passwords to accomplish any given task. With Dex, payment operations can all be managed and monitored in a single location. From small merchants to enterprise organizations, Dex has you covered.

With complete access to payment operations, you can quickly address customer needs, grant refunds, cancel charges, change payment methods, and more.

Reporting you can count on

The reporting dashboards within Dex give you real-time insight into sales performance, including transaction breakdowns and payment methods. View generalized data or drill down into the details of individual transactions.

Having real-time data at your fingertips empowers you to identify industry trends or patterns in customer behavior. Essentially, the information within Dex can help guide your business decisions.

Improve how you do things

Dex is designed to simplify payments and give you more control over operations. Roles-based authentication lets you decide which employees can access certain features, enhancing your overall data security efforts and controlling your risk threshold.

Innovative disputes management tools automate a process that previously ate up time and effort. You can save even more hours with funding data grids, reducing the burden of manual accounting and reconciliations.

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