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Exact Deposit Customer Story
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The challenge

Exact Deposit is a Canadian ISV that specializes in simplifying residential property transactions for buyers, realtors and brokers. They facilitate the movement of real estate deposits by verifying the identity of the depositor, validating the source of the funds and ensuring that deposits are compliant with regulations.

Exact Deposit leadership realized that customers wanted to place a deposit with a credit card to take advantage of credit card miles and points. Unfortunately, credit card transactions are often charged as a fixed percentage, making the practice too expensive.

“At the end of the day, our cost per transaction on average went down from $45 per transaction to A FEW DOLLARS with Forte.”
James Oickle
CMO, Exact Deposit
Why Forte
Exact Deposit sought a strategic payments partner that could process credit card and ACH transactions quickly, securely and inexpensively. They found that in Forte.  
How Forte helped
Exact Deposit utilizes a pricing model based on cost per transaction, which fits in perfectly with their business model. Instead of paying a fixed percentage on each transaction, which can be extremely costly with large deposits, they pay a set amount per transaction with Forte.

As the Canadian company receives deposits from foreign countries, Forte’s REST APIs generate the appropriate paperwork to meet regulatory compliance. Forte’s APIs made it easy for Exact Deposit to integrate payment processing solutions with their technology stack. Additionally, Forte’s solutions offer a seamless onboarding experience for new customers, enabling swift and significant growth.
How forte helped
Exact Deposit has substantially increased profitability with Forte’s flexibile payment terms. Forte’s solutions have allowed the company to significantly save on transaction costs, easily onboard new customers and expand into new markets and provinces. In an industry that has seen a 20 percent reduction in transactions, Exact Deposit has tripled adoption and transactions in the last year.
“As a direct result of the partnership, we’ve become more appealing and can offer a much more compelling solution to customers in other markets,” said CMO James Oickle. “From an efficiency and profitability standpoint, there is no comparison.”


Forte’s flexible payment terms and solutions have allowed Exact Deposit to cut costs and increase profitability.


• Exact Deposit needed a flexible credit card solution
• Forte offered an adaptable pricing model to fit their needs
• Forte’s solutions have allowed Exact Deposit to triple adoption and transactions in the last year
• As a result, they are more profitable, efficient and appealing to customers in other markets

Complete flexibility

• ACH Processing
• Card Processing

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