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How uses Forte Verify to decrease return ratios and combat fraud
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A problem and a solution: ACH processing and fraud
Merchants and banks contact, LLC when they need a gateway technology to capture, verify, and submit ACH and X9.37 (“Check 21”) files. However,’s clients were plagued by the industry-wide problem of check and ACH fraud. To help give their clients better protection and reduce return ratios, partnered with Forte to integrate check verification into their product suite.

The challenge

Account instability inundated banks and merchants who were in need of’s services. To combat this, searched for a verification service that would reduce return ratios and alleviate the burden of fraud.

Some of our clients have seen returns reduction up to 20%."
Ido Meros
Senior Vice President of
Why Forte
The solution to’s client account instability issue was found in Forte Verify, our check verification solution. A majority of’s customers were accepting both ACH and physical checks without using verification services, which led to an increase in returns.
How Forte helped
In the years since integrating with Forte’s product suite, has been able to benefit from Forte’s easy integration and scalable software solutions.

•  Easy integration: The set up process took only two weeks, from application to production.

•  Measurable results: Some clients have seen a returns reduction of up to 20%.

•  Scalable solutions: Forte’s solutions have grown and offered more capabilities to match’s needs.

•  Competitive edge: “At times, verification is the key component in our sales process,” President Ido Meros says.
How forte helped
"As has evolved, so too has our technology. Knowing that Forte has evolved with us by updating their platform, increasing their verification coverage, and (most importantly) ensuring the results received are correct has been a key growth contributor!” said Meros.
“There aren’t many companies that utilize the same vendor for more than 8 years,” Meros says. “There is a reason this has occurred with us in Forte’s case. Relationship is key.”

Couldn’t agree more.


The partnership between and Forte has greatly reduced the burden of fraud plaguing the industry.


•  Forte’s verification service reduces fraud.
•  Returns reductions of up to 20% have been measured.
•  Our scalable solutions have continued to meet’s growing needs.

Complete flexibility

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•  ACH

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